Friday, July 31, 2009

1 new message from Hulk

This kept popping up on my phone for the past hour....yes, "Hulk" because at the summer camp I work at, we have to have nicknames and NOT use our real names. I'm Jet. =D

Hi peeps! How are you? Sorry for the late post- it's 3008 (actually 8.21 pm) and i'm 2000 n-LATE.

=D Boom boom pow! KACHOW!

Today was SORT of chill, one of those tiring days tho that drains you like vampires sucking blood. Okay gross analogy.

Eats: cereal drink, bites of a miss may's bar, and then turkey sandwich meat, celery stalk, and then the rest of the bar, then yogurt mess. Yes i am a creature of habit....shoot me. Came home tired and hungry (DID NOT REACH FOR any CEREAL!) fixed myself a nectarine and dabbed/SPOONED pb loco jungle banana on it and then drank another cereal drink and suited up for a nice CFE run. And walk back home dripping sweat. Then i ate eggwhites and kabocha chased with some Soy juice/milk. Dinner was thyme chicken, broccoli, and milk. soy. hot. yum.

Yes I am aware those were all fragments. Sigh, where is my english grammar going? To ROT!

You know what's weird? Someone you haven't talked to for like 3 years wall posting on your facebook for a couple of days! STRANGE!

So Hulk brings up an interesting point: he like working out when the sun's setting. I love running and watching the sun go up whilst running/breathing hard/dying. Then he goes in his text: [...]we should have a chill blockbuster night i like relaxing.
lol. i like relaxing too. =D he and i were back and forth totally complimenting each other on our love of being active. =D

Tomorrow is a rest day, so light activity heavy strength is planned. Me loves. Right now feeling a little bloated. God I hate the horror you have bestowed upon womenkind known as a monthly gift. THANKS.
Does anyone eat pb straight up from teh jar? by the spoonful? I tried that...and you get a pb aftertaste/breath, but...TOTALLY worth it. OMG i've come so far.


Just a quickie right now:

readers! mention my name! =D

Thursday, July 30, 2009



Lol. Just kidding. Today I made kabocha again (last kabocha! TEAR TEAR!) I do my kabocha via STOVETOP! I know, I don't roast it like everyone else, but I seem to like it nice and mushy with some flavor. If you all want the recipe how I do it, lemme know in the comments and i'll write a nice little hilarious post on how I do KABOCHA (yes, that's what she said.)

Today's eats included - cereal drink, 3 eggwhites cooked in the microwave- does anyone have a god recipe for this? My eggwhites ADHERED to my bowl and refused to let go like long lost lovers. Afterward, 1/5 stalks of celery which i kept in a produce bag and whipped out of my pocket at random times to bite and shove back in my pocket (my coworkers + cute building supervisor laughed at me), coffee buzz which gave me a headache (there you go, drinking after 1 year of quiting caffeine cold turky) and a yogurt mess of 3/4 cup nf plain yogurt, nectarine, 2 strawbs, bbs, and a plum. COVERED in cinnamon. Came home, and downed the LAST bowl of GO LEAN CRUNCH HONEY ALMOND FLAX RIP FOREVERS...and did a hilly 20 minute run. WHEW! Post workout meal: salmon and canned green beans. DELICIOUS.

Dinner, tho, rocked my socks. Tofu, Chive egg omelette, and aforementioned Kabocha. With hot soymilk because that's HOW I ROLL.

I'm a little worried because my right hip flexor is sore/tight. I'll watch this carefully to monitor in case I might be close to pulling it. Time to roll out with foam roller! FOAM ROLLER HOOOOOOO(a la thundercats. )

So apparently I am the weird eater at my work. I have tofu for breakfast. I have hard boiled eggs. I have yogurt with fruit. I eat veggie burgers in the morning. I don't eat fast food. LOL. No donuts/refined flours for me! =D I carry celery in my pocket. OKAY the last comment i'll say i'm kinda weird.

So I got orthotics today. Ouch! It hurts! =D
How's everyone doing today! I'd like to say that anyone who reads this blog- HUGS! I love being able to spill my thoughts to you guys. Time to tend to my Google Reader- 198! AIYAH! And do some strength- although my Abs are ABSOLUTELY tight. lol.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CRUNCH! ~ sorry miss, she's eating...

GO LEAN CRUNCH! NOT A VLASIC classic! =D everyone remember that commercial?
Today I decided to eat some go lean crunch honey almond flax EVEN though I promised myself not to have cereal no more. I really want to eat less processed food, so i'm giving myself a dead line to wean myself off - Once it hits august first, eat oatmeal as a pre run snack or pb and a piece of fruit. Too many times I've said this and then dived into a box of cereal. NO MORE!
I always end up feeling a bit guilty for going back on my word/oath/swear/etc.

Anyways, tough hilly run all over my neighborhood. Only like 1.7 miles but it felt like FOREVER because of the heat! AUGH!

Today I just worked from 6:12 AM to 1:15 pm. Bleh! Hard work dealing with kids who don't listen. Breakfast was a cereal drink, half a veggie burger, a can of tuna, and then later 3/4 cup of non fat yogurt with a peach, 2 strawberries, a yellow kiwi, and bloobs. Covered in cinnamon. I think i'm running out! HORRORS!

Later i'm going to hit up the gym for THE FASTEST 20 minute body weight workout created by moi. Usually it involves lunges, sit ups, push ups, inverted rows, squats, and close grip push ups. Hell in a handbasket. Actually that would be when i create circuits that start with 5 minutes of bike sprints and then finishes with supersets of 5 sets of 10 of an exercise. Yes i am crazy.

Dinner might just be a lara bar since i'm possibly going to be out on the run. Time to contemplate my post workout snack. Feeling PECKISH. =D

Does anyone else load up on cinnamon? My friends never thought of putting cinnamon on I also crave kabocha right now. Anyone ever make it in the microwave?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Cheese on Chicken! Cheese on Chicken!
Anyone ever sing that camp song hey burrito? Seriously?

So right now I'm working at a summer camp, and that's one of the songs. VERY VERY catchy.
My fav is "baby shark" (da da da da da...etc)

Anyways, today for lunchy poo- (it kinda looked like poop, but HEY! who cares when you haven't eaten since 10:30 and it's pushing 2:30!) I made my all time favorite bean burrito. Here's the breakdown:

First, in mini saucepan that oddly smells like curry powder, heat some water to cover the bottom. Realize pan has weird crust from last burrito filling making adventure, and scrub with dishwashing soap. Fill with water again, add a bunch of curry powder, chili powder, and cumin and turn on stove to heat.

As it heats, drain 15 oz can of kidney beans in strainer too small for that amount. Curse as it rains beans in sink. Pick out some from sink, rinse off with water and throw in to pan (Probably 1/2 cup? who knows) . Stir and mix as the water slowly evaporates off, and makes a weird spice sauce. It's delicious. It might crust around the edges but HEY! it comes off with some water. Trust me I've tried. I'll try to put up pictures if and when i get a cool camera. Keep stirring to soften and heat beans.
Heat up La tortilla Factory burrito tortilla (80 cal! SWEET!) in microwave, 30 seconds. At this time, beans should be all nice and soft and coated in weird spice-y sauce. Spoon onto tortilla. Wrap up burrito style and MICROWAVE for 45 seconds. (Yes, i like my stuff BURNING HOT)
EAT AND with aftermath..i.e. sit near bathroom, and let 'er rip. Seriously. But it's worth it.

This is delish to me. Maybe not to you, but I've PERFECTED MY METHOD. WHWAHHAHA. =D
Okay, this is getting out of hand.

Today was my rest day, but I did do some ab work at 5:30 AM (crunches, bike style) and I also walked inclines on the dreadmill for 60 minutes.

Usually I do more lifting, (i'm a nsca cpt!) but not during the week because I work. I do run 5 times a week. Do you guys want to know more about me though? Sorry about no pictures! I can't figure out how to post pictures from flickr (and to cite the picture taker too)

Monday, July 27, 2009

And so it begins....

So i'm making the jump into blogging.....inspired by Kath, Caitlin, Jenna, and all you wonderful bloggers!

Unfortunately no pictures as of yet, but I'm going to first spill my workouts, my eats, and my thoughts. =D

Today for din din- braised drumsticks, La Tortilla Factory Tortilla, Napa cabbage and hot soy milk (yep, i drink it hot even when it's 90 outside! hell yeah!)