Thursday, October 1, 2009

Huffin' and Puffin'

Today was a good day- i got to open two new things (i have this thing about opening things! it's exciting and i time it so i open new things when i need some luck!)


Nectarine and pb. mmmmmm.

treadmill walk, bike.



these things are great. i'm not going to lie, i had like another two bowls.


Fueled this:

5X800 90 sec recovery
average pace for all splits 8:15/mile. did really well, most were 4:00, fastest was 3:56

Then walked back to gym texting d the whole time -___-

(Felt like i needed to hurry, i hate that (i felt like mom was waiting for me and the gym was crowding up)
4X7 70#! deadlift
5X15 glute ham stiups
7, 6, 5, 4 dips with corresponding assistance levels
4X6 22.5 row with side plank
3X10 ball pike and pushup


Home to change, text D some more, and eat this!

Yogurt with strawberries (didn't finish) celery and peanut butter. ummmmm hella delicious.

Then to LOWE"S TO GET OUR NEW MICROWAVE. Lifting this baby was a CINCH after today! =D

then Target for some sports bras, and Korean market for some fruit and takeout chinese for mom.

She ate that for lunch, i ate this:

THBB! and little trees. =D

Making good on the vegetarian day!

Then i studied, wrote personal statements, chilled, and helped make dinner:

Tea egg, tortilla, tofu! cabbage and milk! =D

Now mom's calling me for jeopardy, so i gotta peace out! client tomorrow!

I"M SOO EXCITED TO TRY THE CHOBANI I WON THAT CAME TODAY! my mom got the blueberry one and loved it!
go enter this giveaway!


  1. I liked the pineapple one for the Chobani. Others, not so much. Except the plain one which rocks ass the most, of course.

    Yo, you need to get out and do something with me. All you do is work out, eat, work out, sleep, and study! Haha! >.<

  2. by the way, silly girl...
    You need to switch to wordpress ASAP. Because if you wait, it'll just take longer to transfer your blogspot files to wordpress. Do it now, and it'll take less than 10 minutes. Seriously.