Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ahh nothing like a rest day from running on the hump day of the week.

Treadmill and bike preceded by:

A more modest portion. Still totally awesome. Eaten while watching Ace of Cakes.

Then incline walking, and biking with some mags.

Rest for like 2 hours, walked in the neighborhood, studied...and ate this breakfast:

Yogurt, kabocha, flax, cinnamon, nectarine, strawberries, milk.
Classic combo.

Then class. where i got made fun of in class. NOT COOL. =(
FLU SHOT followed where i waited for A YEAR. My arm is throbbing. INFLUENZA BEWARE

Then we went to gas up the car, and get sinnamon from CVS as well as some cans of soup for mom. she digs cajun chicken gumbo by chunky. never tried it. i guess i shall one of these days.


Mustard, with some turkey in a wrap, milk, broccoli, and bell pepper inside the wrap. Total deliciousness made possible by tangy mustard. i squirted it every bite. does anyone else do this too?

Then I watched barefoot contessa, and then napped. I get tired these days.

Woke up, studied, emailed professors for rec's, and crunched away during Barefoot Contessa again.


Salmon, green beans (haricot vert) and tortilla and milk.


We are getting a new one tomorrow. This dinner i had to heat my food up in the convection oven. i wonder how this will affect my pretreadmill snack tomorrow. cereal? pb and fruit? who knows. i'm venturing into the UNKNOWN!

Now i'm going to take a shower, i'm kinda sticky, and watch some tv. maybe glee.


By this time I was soo hungry.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's workout is brought to you by Quaker Oats

AND THEY totally MADE the workout.

Treadmill doom preceded by:

(Is it crazy to say that I had even more time to savor my oats because i woke up at 3:45 am and not with my alarm?

Thank you tiny bladder. Thank you..

Bike + Shabanu. Good book.



DELUGE OF QUAKER OAT SQUARES. I love these things. I"m not ashamed to a)put how much i eat of them on there, and b) ADMIT that i had like another 1/2 bowl afterwards. just for luck you know.

8X200 m 1 minute recovery. UH I ROCKED IT, average all the splits- 6:48/mil!


5X15 glute ham situps
4X6 deadlift 65#
6 neg pullups
7 dips at 7 assistance, 6 at 6, 5 at 5, 4 at 4 (quivery)
3X 10 crunch, 10 double crunch, 10 reverse crunch, 10 figure 4 on each side
3 X 12 pushups
3X15 inverted row
4X4 45# squat =D
5X5 25 # push press
12, 10, 8, 6, 12 skull crusher at 30#

AWESOME. fueled by awesome. Nice to NOT have stomach growl. sometimes you just need a LOT of food to get you going.

Home (D high fived me in the gym and totally watched me workout. AWKS!)

Home to eat this!

Yogurt, flax, cinnamon, 10 strawberries, 1/2 nectarine, and kabocha. milk too.

MM good.
Then 12-2 CRAZY rehabbing athletes.

CRAZY! i was running around like a scalded cat!

Then home to eat lunch!

Tofu burrito made of tofu stirfry and tofu sauteed with green onions (sadly this repeated itself) and bell pepper and 1/4 nectarine. milk to drink.

Then study and talk to an old friend and message D since he was bored.

Then client at 5:30. Whoooped her ass for an hour. fun times.

Late dinner:

Tofu (see it repeated itself. -__-) broccoli, and egg and milk and tortilla. =D

Now i'm going to finish my AT stuff, reading blogs, and chill. I tired. =D

OH! this interesting?

i was rehabbing this athlete and he was trying to guess what type of asian i am (taiwanese) and he's like you're not korean, since your eyes are different, they're beautiful but not korean I THINK I HEARD him say that (i wasn't about to be like repeat that please so i can tell my sole reader on my blog) it took him forever to guess it. =D
He's nice. He was like, what's your homeland's like home food. mine is FRIED CHICKEN. me:uhhh is there food for my country? hmmm. but then i was like, i'm from louisiana, so FRIED CHICKEN IS MY HOME FOOD.


=D i dig oysters rockefeller.

is it sad to say that i'm excited to eat quaker oats tomorrow? =D

happy tuesday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The pits. Peach pits.

Ugh horrible run today. But i'll get to that.

first, treadmill sludge.

Almost out of cinnamon! HORRORS!

Then treadmill, bike, and reading of Shabanu, daughter of the wind.


Pre run snack:

Peach and strawberries i didn't end up eating.
9 minute time trial. I went down a different hill, i guess i went slow coz i didn't want to tumble, so ended up: 1.11 miles 8:11/mile. =(

Home to chill before class.

CLASS. EW. Watched movies from '99 about Athletic Training. I seriously saw like 5 mullets.


Home to eat this!

Yogurt mess, some red bell pepper (peach, kiwi, and 4 strawberries, flax and cinnamon in mess)

full belly. Gassy but full.

Then i chewed a ton of cinnamon gum. I love me some spicy gum.

Then! Mom got home and we got to go FOOD SHOPPING!
First stop?
the goods:
2 boxes of cinnamon puffins, sprouted wheat bagels by trader JOSEPH!, peanut butter

The cashier ALMOST forgot my peanut butter! i had to rescue it from being LEFT BEHIND! HORRORS! has that happened to anyone?

He was like , i've been up since 4 am. me: ME TOO! him: 0___0

Goods: Quaker oatmeal crack, 2 pure protein smores bars, distilled water, ice cream (dreyers fro yo mango and slow churned double fudge brownie)

mom had leftover dimsum from earlier that morning, and i had this:

Turkey wrap, bell pepper, and cauliflower. Milk too.

The makings of a good lunch:

I brought that mustard to the table since..i squirt mustard on every bite. yes, i'm gross.

Filling out worksheet, conversing with THIRD client (WOW! i have a lot of clients!) and more reading. of blogs and text.

then, barefoot contessa, just cook this with sam, and just vegging til dinner:

Braised soy drumsticks re-steamed and cabbage (we have like 5 heads in our icebox! crazy!) and tortilla and milk. yum-o. sometimes you need some good home cooking.

now i'll just finish up some reading, and watch the jeopardy i recorded as well as the amazing race i recorded. i have built up soooo many tapes of recorded stuff! and blogs to read!

During the day:
40 pushups
2 sets of 10 crunches, 10 double crunches, 10 reverse crunch, 10 R figure 4 crunch, 10 L figure 4 crunch

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A pie to DIE for

Aww sunday has come and gone. Sadness.


Treadmill walk and bike ride was preceded by this hot mess:

Oats, flax, cinnamon. Sinfully delish.

Then rest, and eat this for running power!

Apple pie larabar bought yesterday and 4 cute strawberries. Apparently it's christmas over here. =D

6X 3minutes rest 1 minute on intervals 1, 3, 4 and 3 minutes rest on 2, 5

Then walked back, walked a bit with the neighbor and the dogs, and back to study and read blogs until i felt hungry for breakfast.

Breaking the fast:

Yogurt, flax, peach, kiwi, and kabocha. Milk to drink!

Then church, with english sermon. Sermon: Honor your parents.

HOME! for lunch!

Chicken wrap with bell pepper inside and outside. Milk.

Watched Ellie Krieger, and then napped. Woke for quick dinner:

Tofu wrap, cauliflower, and milk.

Downed it in like 15 min flat, and ran to get sister back to dorms.

Now i'm just chilling until AMAZING RACE!!!!!!!

Who's NOT excited for school tomorrow. =(
Today is a rest day, might do a couple of pushups, but i'm not pushing it since tomorrow is some body weight stuff at home.

peace out!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

nuts over laras

Treadmill snack of champions:


Bike with 50/50 by Dean Karnazes.

Rest....then since NO Running:

Lifting snack:

A NUTTY PECAN PIE LARABAR! Delicious. Last plum

Went to school, walked for 1 hr and then

3X10 inverted row
3X10 Back extension
4X4 60 deadlift, 5th and last set to failure- 8 reps
4X4 40# squat =D
50 situps in as few sets as possible: 21, 10, 19
3X10 on each side figure 4 crunch
50 pushups in a few sets as possible: 13, 12, 15, 16
went home because i was sweaty! I actually got sweaty lifting! awesome.

Post workout:

Peach, container last bits of yogurt, water, strawberries, and kabocha. mmm good.

then we went to Topanga canyon so i could shop/xchange a tank top at Hollister, and buy some stuff at Target for sister.

Home after like HOURS (i got HANGRY!)

NO. this is NOT a bean burrito. REPEAT, this is not a bean burrito. It's tofu stirfry in a wrap with cauliflower on the side. mmm good.

Then like 2 hour nap. Yum.


tortilla, tea egg, green beans, tofu. SOOOOO DELICIOUS.

Then i went to LAVC to help the athletic trainers are the football game 7-9. i just filled TONS of water bottles. Then me and mommy went to ralphs to get some nice organic milk and i picked up 5 larabars- 2 apple pi, and 3 lemon bar. =D

Now i'm going to relax with google reader and tv. =D


Friday, September 25, 2009

Honey~ I shrunk...

the cereal?

3:50 Am Roll out! AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT! eat some food/cereal drink.

Hit up treadmill. Hit up bike.




CEREAL! YESH! CEREAL! but it was less than a cup- thus the YOU SHRUNK?!
no deluge in the bowl. The plum was awesome tho!

2X10 minutes, 2 minute recovery
1.17 mile, 1.19 mile, average 8:39/mile.

went light today, heavy tomorrow (also i met this really sweet frosh at UCLA who was really grateful to me showing her around) and i saw someone from my church we gossip about, and I RAN into D (rather, D ran into me kept bumping me and all the meatheads are like?! wtf?)

6X6 45# deadlifts
5X10 glute ham situps
4X dips 34# assisted
Some crunches, some pushups. very light. my abs are a bit sore. yay!

Then I got a ride from D, so kind =D and then went home to eat this

Yogut, Peach, kabocha, milk. flax and cinnamon to cover

Then to Ranch 99 to pick up tofu! and Costco for eggs, meds, and strawberries!

Home (HUNGRY!)

BEAN BURRITO! (yeah, i missed it for one day, and i needed something quick) and cauliflower and kabocha. Yum yum.

Gaseous deliciousness.

Then, sit in Ralphs and watch mom get flu shot. Sit in traffic to Pick up sister. Sit in traffic to go home. Get home and sort through 300+ google reads.....and watch Chef Vs CIty! =D





and milk. it was good hearty food! =D

I look forward to making tofu stirfry burritos!

Now i'm just studying some organic chem (BLEH! isomers!) and hopefully will watch some tv. =D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

ACHOO~ Bless you!

3:50 AM: stumble out of bed, go make cereal drink for something FAST.

Complete treadmill. Complete bike.

Read blogs, study, pick split ends...

6:30 AM:



OMG! I thought i HATED this flavor but it's nothing short of awesome. Think of like an amazingly tasty shortbread cookie. It's got this buttery taste, but not like REAL buttery, just like a nice light, slightly nutty flavor that makes you ponder..HMMM what is that? and each bite melts on the tongue. The nut bits are tiny, but still you can chew you ponder the deliciousness of the bar. The aroma of the warmed up bar wafts up like a warm cookie, you don't pick it up, too fearful it will break. So each tasty bite is eaten carefully with a fork, and a fingertip picks up the dropped nuts. Oh wow. It was like nutty, kinda banana-y and delicious. Totally awesome.

18 times of 1 minute on 20 seconds off. Total distance traveled 2.37 miles. If you average all my splits: 7:38/mile.

wow. it got hard at the end. WHOOO EEEEEE
Then lifting:

3X15 pushups
5X 10 crunches, 10 double crunch, 10 reverse crunch
5X10 glute ham situps
4X7 each side side plank with row 17.5
5X10 ball pike
5X5 push press

then home to eat this (my stomach started growling during my workout! NOT COOL!!!!!!)

Yogurt, peach, kabocha, cabbage, milk.

Digested, then headed to LAVC to help out IMMENSELY IT WAS CRAZY the amount of work i had to do to rehab these athletes!

Left there at 2pm and then went immediately to UCLA flyaway to pick up my mom.

OKAY i know this was BAD but i sort of kinda didn't eat a real lunch?
I had:
celery in the car on the way there

got back at 3 pm. and ate this

a can of tuna, lonely kabocha, and unpictured- a cereal drink.

then i studied organic chemistry (hey, caitlin/healthy tipping point, wanna be my study buddy?) and then athletic training. watched barefoot contessa make the cheesiest mac and cheese (how can people eat cheese! my stomach hurts just watchin it!)


Tortilla, Milk, 5 pieces of pan fried basa fillets, and cauliflower. =D
it was gassy and delicious.
Now we're just chilling, and i'll record bones later. for my sister.

Whew! Let's hope i get some sleep tonight!


Hey! if you're on facebook, friend me!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of those days...

Wow. Today was ONE of those days

Treadmill walk, bike .

Study for test.

Eat 1.5? Cereal drink and run:

20 times of 10 second on, 5 seconds off. I am NOT a sprinter. Sigh..

Back to study for test and call sis to wake her up.

Then I prepared some food just in case I got hungry during or before the test:

4 egg whites. =D

Then I went to Valley HOURS before the test, and studied....COSMO and learned about guy body language. Too bad I wasn't getting tested on that. My stomach started growling, so then i went to the cafeteria and ate my egg whites. All while watching the clock. Then took the test. EW.

I hate testing.

Then! I went home to make this! I was hungry! Finally!

Yogurty mess of 1/2 cup yogurt, cinnamon, tiny plum, and kabocha. Half a celery stick.

Then I cleaned! and had a well deserved break from studying MCAT or AT.

And I read blogs. FUN TIMES =D

Next thing you know it, it's time for another meal.

I KNOW I KNOW it's the same, but i promise this is the last. I"m trying to eat up little bits and bobs in the fridge since I know i won't have to cook as much since my mom will be back tomorrow and cooking up a storm i bet.

So THBB. and Cabbage. Spicy goodness. Fueled an intense cleaning vacuuming session.....and a power nap of 2 hours. LOL.

Woke up, read more blogs, watched Barefoot Contessa, continued the cleaning rampage, and then made dinner:


Egg white (3) scramble that was supposed to be an omelette with napa and some cabbage, and kabocha. and milk. SOME HOW this was extra filling. I"m like SOO full! Could be because I am chewing gum right now. Oh well. Next time, I better not eat so fast! =/ I HATE feeling too full reminds me of the ED days. =(

Today was a day of rest, tomorrow is heavy lifting FOR THE FIRST TIME MY ABS ARE KINDA SORE!


Oh D messaged me today at 8:33 am:
The Wooden (our gym) is empty without T -Lo ;t

and this is his prose in return to my macbeth:

Ahhhhhh, I like the prose from the rose that rises as does the phoenix. Tic toc who sees the clock not if one hears the tic toc of that clock.


Happy wednesday!
Has anyone else experimented in the kitchen? I know i keep eating bean burritos, but when i dont want to eat (ED thoughts) i try to make things I would like. Sorry for the lack of excitement about my meals. I'm kinda stressing.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can't go wrong with a Classic Combo

Look familiar? Yes, this pre treadmill snack was OATMEAL! 1/3 cup. =D oh and some dried cranberries. Meh, still NOT lovin dried fruit. I know, sacrilege.

After that hike uphill, then i biked, and then i rested. Studied (test tomorrow)
and then ate this!

Yup, that old skool combo known as

PB AND J! (but in the form of an all too delicious LARABAR!!!!!)
I guess it's OKAY. I was wishing it wasn't finished soooo much..but i think i'll stick to the coconut and ginger snap one and cocoa mole...the cherries were very big in this one and this bar was UBER crumbly. Peanuts everywhere!

Plum on the side. I ate the plum first. OF COURSE.

Then since i wasn't running, i called my sister to make sure she was awake (i'm the early bird, getting up at 4 am or earlier, everyone in my family relies on me to give wake the f up calls =D are any of you like that too? personal alarm clocks?)

Hoofed it to the gym where I ran into D and R. (r is the guy that calls me Bones. )

I did this:
80 pushups (first i banged out 20 in like 30 seconds? then did as many as i could fast and properly in sets)
CF workout: Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
so mine went like this: 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 75, 75. SIGH. can't get any higher. OH well i'll get there.
then after D high fived me / said WAKE UP coz i looked tired (folks, i only got 3 hours last night)
6 negative pullups
3X5 dips 34 lbs assisted
4X7 side plank with 17.5 row via cable
5X5 25#push press
3 circuits of 10 crunches, 10 double crunch, 10 reverse crunch
4X4 35# squat =D

then i went home. chatted with my sister until i got uber hungry.

made this:

yogurt! in a container! with a peach and kabocha on the side. milk to drink. cinnamonnnnn

Then time to volunteer/lab at Valley College's AT room.
12-2. Fun times. Ran to Jon's to pick up a bunch of peaches. Stomach growling (LOOK MY APPETITE IS BACK!)

Quickly whipped up a quickie:

THBB (trayn harder bean burrito) and napa. YUM MO.
STUDY DUDDYYYY for the test. I screwed.


3 egg whites, napa, and KABOCHAAAAAAAAAAA. =D

I make extra at dinner to have for breakfast! =D

Now it's time to crank it down, look at blogs and study at the same time and hit up the tube. pray i get enough sleep and my hip flexor isn't soo aggravated and i can run tomorrow! =D

Peace out i'm out like trout