Monday, August 31, 2009

Pete, repeat.

Kinda in a weird mood because I got in a fight with my mom about eating turkey. Sigh. I guess i'm being annoying again. Coming from an ED you still stick with little eating quirks. I didn't feel like eating the turkey, and told her so, and she blew up in my face. =(

let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to starrrrt. (do re re mi...)

cereal drink. (tomorrow is something different!)


Bike with Anne of the Island

Pre workout snack:
Peanut butter and peach. does this look familiar? yes, pete repeat.

It was delish. Then: 9 minute time trial. 1.16 miles. .01 miles more than last time. IMPROVEMENT!


Yogurt container mess! =D of a nectarine, plum, 5 strawberries. 4 mini stalks of celery. Yum. And soymilk.

Didn't finish the yogurt at the end (1/4 cup). Got too full. and nervous for my community college class. Enter community college class.
an hour of driving to find a metrolink station, and pavilions to buy a shit load of kashi cereal....FOR MY SISTER AND DAD! (not me, i'm on the no cereal kick, remember?)

Lunch ( i was hungry!)

Stirfried tofu and celery burrito. With brussel sprouts on the side. To drink? mix of soy milk and milk. fat free. I'm switching to regular milk as i'm going primal/paleo/clean. =D

Rested, then studied. Then 3 hour nap. Whoa. woke up like i was in a dream. was i?

Dinner that spawned the cold war/fight.

sliced turkey, romaine that's been cut off, half half (soy and cow)

now i'm just chilling, going to study again.
OH! i did some crunches today. gym time tomorrow. i think i did like 20+ regular, 20 bike, 20 reverse. very low key.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

2Ps in a pod

SUNDAY FUNDAY! just kidding.
Cereal drink
treadmill walk. Bike with 4:50 from paddington.

P+P=2P = X-citing workout.

Peanut butter and Peach! =D it was SOOO nice.
Loaded on that nut butter like spackling a wall. PB burps for LIFE! =D

Run: 7X 90 seconds on 90 seconds off. Walked home and couldn't breathe- there are fires going on in the outskirts of SO CAL.

then: 3 sets of 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 reverse crunch, 10 tricep pushups, 10 double crunch, 10 wide pushups.

Post workout meal:

YOGURT CONTAINER! filled with a nectarine, plum, and 5 strawberries. YUM YUM YUM.
On the side, we have a tiny bowl of broccoli and celery leaves.

Then we headed off to church, then century city westfield, where i bought a pair of shorts that MIGHT be too short. who knows. =/

tofu burrito wrapped up/mummified, cauliflower, soymilk. USC to drop sis off. Tear tear. =(


braised drumsticks in lee kum kee chicken marinade, tortilla, and green beans. i love those from a can. (sorry my pictures are so dark. i dunno what is happening!)

Oh, so texter friend- totally weird. i told him that i was enjoying retail therapy, and he goes, where's my shirt and shorts (i told him what i bought) me: next time when we hit the mall, i'll buy you something good. him: oohhh i hear you talkin lil mama. i was like, you better hook me up to live up to that nickname. him: oooh without a doubt. me: yay steppin out in style. him: when we steppin out. me: uhh i'll find you and we'll plan it.

wow....i am pooped! =/ class starts tomorrow , so that will be kinda exciting. KINDA.

See you in the AM!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

L-l-l-l-lick me like a lollipop...or an ice cream cone, i'm melting fast

HAPPY SATURDAY! too bad i am burning up!

Eats at 4am: cereal drink.
That lasted me through a long treadmill walk incline style, biking (easy) and all the way to 9:15 am! yikes! I went out in the morn to get gas with mommy, exchange some boxed single milks, and get some other groceries.

Breakfast (i was HANGRY when i got back!)
hot soy juice, oats, 1/2 c? yogurt, 5 strawberries, plum, nectarine. HEAVEN in a bowl. Except my yogurt peed all over it. (it separated? so a bunch of water was floating around. no shit, i just drank it up like cows at trough.)

Then I watched Man V. Food. Does anyone else watch this show with a gross fascination that he's going to eat that massive amount of food or not? I dunno. it's crazy. He ate a humongous 8 scoop sundae. I puked watching him.

Lunch (unpictured, thrown together and schlepped out to Del Taco)
tofu burrito, broccoli and celery.

Then, like a million stores to shop at and return stuff at. I got a shirt! if you wanna see weird pictures of me in different clothes, just say the word. i just think you'l rear back in horror at my ugliness. =/

Then we ran to a couple of grocery stores to get essentials to fuel my sister up to go back to USC.

Home: we watched Chef vs. City. A GOOD SHOW i tell you. Aaron is cute and funny.


Egg omelette, stirfried tofu with celery, tortilla and soyjuice in microwave. =D

now to relax, post this, read blogs, and watch tv. life is good. LG.
Today was a rest day for running, but strength was:
5 times of
10 pushups
10 sit ups
10 wide pushups
10 reverse crunches
10 close pushups
10 double crunches.

love you, and hugs all around.

Friday, August 28, 2009

sweet like apple pie.

CEREAL DRINK TO START THE DAY! =D they make me smile. probably because i burnt my lip on them multiple times. HELLO LEARNING CURVE? i dunno.

Then pre workout snackie! DELICIOUS!

Of course, the larabar stripped and got into the tanning salon known as the MICROWAVE. Helo radioactivity!

Run: 3 X of 20 seconds on, 1 minute off, 50 sec off, 40, 30, 20 10 seconds off. =D
(focused on correct form and upper body to get good for CF.
5X5 resistance 52 # pull up.
5X5 52 assistance dips
(supersetted, 10 second rest in between. that is key to me.)
3X15 pushups
3x15 decline situps
Then home (i thought i had to hurry. tomorrow might be a longer gym day because it's a rest from running and such. =D

Then I packed up breakfast and headed out to run some errands.
Breakfast: HUMONGOUS BEHEMOTH of a WHITE PEACH (my last one, tear tear. prepare to see lots of strawberries in the future!) and 3/4 cup of yogurt. in the CONTAINER. ME LOVES
Also (unpictured) 1.5 celery stalk. Plain. no pb this time honey.

Errands: noah's bagels for FREE BAGEL FRIDAY!, Ralphs, Fashion Square, Gelsons

Home, rested, then LUNCH at 1pm. I was HANGRY!

Here we have a burrito and broccoli and brussel sprouts and hot soymilk. All chillin by the cancer cube ahem i mean microwave since i heat my stuff up like 125987215 times. Can you guys guess what's the burrito filling today? =D

Then we headed out to pick up my sister from USC. WOW TRAFFIC is hell. Hell = going from downtown to the valley. At 5 pm. UGH! I watched a person in a car eat their lunch while driving. CAN ANYONE SAY ACCIDENT IN THE MAKIN?!

Then we chilled at home, watched Barefoot Contessa (FAH BUUUU LOUSSSSS) and then i helped her with organizing Pharm notecards. Ghetto PHAAA bulous.

Dinner was:

Me: a horizon sun of a tortilla, soy juice, tofu on the plate, a tea egg, and cauliflower. My mom and sister had something else. =D

Now i'm going to try to rest, chew some gum, and read, and then watch my taped Jeopardy because I hate commercials. YES I do. can't wait for some good lifting tomorrow! =D


Thursday, August 27, 2009

When life gives you them. in the form of a bar.


Today started with a nice hot cereal drink at 4 am. then emeril green and more emeril green and then jane eyre on the bike.

Then pre run workout snackeroo!

LEMON LARABAR AND PLUM! YUM. the lemon was quite, interesting. a little too crumbly, but i liked it all the same. i got hella big almond chunks. tray likey. likey mucho.

Then 15 min time trial. 1.87 miles. avg pace 8:03/mile.
5X10 full range squat with 20 lb EZ curl bar.
3X10 shoulder push press 20lbs
3X10 dead lift 45 lbs
3X15 pushups
3X15 situps with legs at 90.
stretch. limp home to eat:

YOGURT IN THE CONTAINER! Massive white peach, 3/4 cup yo, 3 strawberries. with soy milk on the side and a carrot too for veg.


then rest. read blog. dick around. watch tv. LUNCH!

BEAN BURRITO! tray style!
Here are the beans cookin:

Here is the whole shebang with brussel sprouts, celery and soy juice.

Then we did a shitbang load of errands:
Bank to deposit $$$, Marshalls to return mom's dress, Jon's to get water and veg and fruit, 99 Ranch to get tofu and cereal drink. It was freakin 111 degrees outside. i wilted. my back sweated. it was gross. at least i looked cute for a bit. Short shorts, hollister tee, ed hardy hat, steve madden shades. and sweat. =D

home, napped, watched barefoot contessa, napped, stretched lower back and dinner:
salmon (sockeye, wild) broccoli, soy juice, and tortilla. YUM.

this is what my mom ate:

3 cup chicken with basil, white rice, and black bean fish. NO she didn't eat the whole thing. She is an intuitive eater guys! she even set aside a bunch of that rice and fish before she started eating!

do you guys like heat? i love summer, and i know i hate the sweating, but i like it better than cold. nothing is better than wearing shorts all the time and getting farmer tans and sock tans!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ain't nuttin' but a chicken wing.

Cereal Drink. Treadmill walk.

Pre workout snackeroo:

Then 90 seconds on 90 seconds off, X6. Whew!

Then time to shovel down breakfast despite not being THAT hungry (never doing this again.)
WHITE PEACH! SOYMILK! and sliced turkey, and kabocha. LAST NEW BREAKFAST! I did it!
Lost my creativity near the end tho!

Then mom and I headed out to Costco, Jon's, Walgreens to pick up necessities like soymilk, drugs, and celery, peaches, etc. etc. =D

Then i watched fast food with Robin Miller (her eyes scare me!) and then napped.

I woke up at like 1pm, then figured i had to eat before I trained my client (who ended up standing me up! WHAT A )#%(*#)%)
I made a chicken burrito and had kabocha. After I ate this, I have no idea, I almost felt like throwing up. I blame the chicken. I told my mom, no more chicken! AIGH. I have never felt so sick!

Then to ucla where my client stood me up. Then I went to the bank to deposit and withdraw money. It ended up negative, if you were wondering.

Then home, where i chatted with my sister and did some reading of the blogs.

Opo! Tofu sheets, soymilk, and a tea egg. Aren't those purty!?

Now it's jeopardy, so i'll peace out. Oh yeah, i did 130 situps. i iz hard core.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yes, this has something to do with my pre workout snack- run rest day!

First: cereal drink:

Then....treadmill, bike time (reading jane eyre. ahhh what a nice read.)

Then preworkout snackeroo

BANANABREAD LARA BAR (microwaved 30 sec. it tastes like A HOT PIECE OF BB!) and a plum. yum yum.

Then I met my friend that calls me bones, and he helped me perfect my lifting technique on the press, deadlift,and back squat. Here are my stats that I will basically erase when the technique clicks with me (you can bet your bottom dollar i'm practicing this now as my workout.)

45 lb press
75 lb deadlift
55 lb squat (going BEYOND parallel, that's where i fail.)

Of course, I"ll get better, he says and that makes me pleased. He's such a nice dude. me likey.
Then, he left to take a nappy and I did

3X10 decline sit ups
3X10 glute ham sit ups
3X10 ball pikes

Then drove home to eat:

hot soymilk
4 egg whites (probably only needed three)
4 tiny brussel sprouts
1 carrot (the carrot i declined to eat yesterday)
1 pluot, sliced.
Yes i know that it's not december, but who cares that i'm using a snowman plate. i love snowmen. I have a whole collection.

By the way, the kind people at PB LOCO responded to my plea for nutritional information:

(the only one i've ever tried, thanks to a giveaway!)
Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, palm oil(non hydrogenated), bananas, banana concentrate, and less than 2 percent of evaporated cane juice, salt, modified food starch, natural flavor and color from annatto
okay. then i watched sam the cooking guy, studied, watched ddds....then made lunch.

chicken burrito (was going to do the yogurt in a bowl, but my mom was waiting politely to make my lunch, this was faster.) brussel sprouts (5) i had a baby one! and soymilk. i peeled/shaved a carrot just in case, but WOW! i got full fast!

Then we headed out to Rite Aid, Walgreens, Ralphs. and the post office.
Came home, napped, and helped fix and eat dinner.

here we have, kabocha (i made this!) curry chicken in the other bowl and a tortilla. i rip off little bits of the tortilla so curry tortilla in every little bite.

Monday, August 24, 2009

'Kay, rot be attacking my fruit!

No picture of the cereal drink I ALWAYS have. It's a staple in my diet. Next challenge- eating something else! =D

I did the fiber one bowl before a treadmill walk last month, and my stomach and body didn't like the vast amount of aspartame it was ingesting. Fake, i tell you, is not good. Although....A LOT OF CLEANING OF THE PIPES, if you know what i'm saying...

Then, since i had a podiatrist appointment at 830 am, had to make sure i finished my run outside around the house with time to spare. WOOO...

Pre run Snackeroo: (could you guess by the title?)

PLUM! (rotting inside, whew, )
and Carrot...and PEANUT BUTTER. Carrots and peanut butter are not too shabby! I have to get used to no salt in this pb.'s not too shabby. Natural pb is SOO different than say, Jif, or Pb LOCO (this has sugar and oil? i think in it.)

I can't find the nutritionals. sorry.

Anyways, this was ingested at 6:15 AM. Run til 7:00 am (8X200 m 1 minute recovery)
Appt, Walgreens, Korean market then home. Ate this breakfast at 10:15 AM. Wow. nut butter you are AWESOME!

Different breakfast!
Oats, yogurt, pluot, humongo white peach, crunchy, and 3 grapes. cinnamon to top.

yes, i counted those grapes. Soymilk is not pictured- probably because i was heating it up like 124098120958125 times! lol

After taking my dad to LAX, I came home to some grub!

Carrot which i didn't eat, brussel sprouts microwave steamed, leftover beans!, and leftover tofu! and soymilk. =D

LOL i just found a picture my dad took ( i leave the camera on the table i eat at so i remember to take a picture of my eatz.)

He had two pieces of meaty lobster. LOL. how cute he took a picture of his lunch.

Rested, and then crossfitted, trayn style.
20 minutes: do as many rounds of
5 squats, 10 pushups, 15 sit ups (froggie style)
I did 9. I would have done more, but somehow i got the most MASSIVE headache! UGH THANKS A LOT BODY.
So at 4 pm i attempted to sleep that shizit off.

then i got a package! i'll open it later!


Chicken sauteed marinated in thyme and lemon, green beans sauteed with garlic cooked earlier in the day, tortilla, soymilk:


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lead's atomic symbol BANANZA!


THANK YOU SO MUCH IZZY! (she sent me something good!)

1. Brag
HOLLAH AT YOUR GIRL! I GOT AN AWARD despite being a new greenstick blogger!
I love her description of me:
A great blog I’ve stumbled upon more recently. She’s someone who’s workout regime I envy like mad and if she deserves this award for anything, then it’s for giving up cereal!!!
I love the community of bloggers.

2. Bloggers:
Sophia- she emails me a lot and i love how she has gotten me to break out of my comfort zone! I love her recipes!

Kath: the first blog i ever read. she started it all, peeps. i'm making her oat pancake soon! she got me interested in pb!

Kailey: She has the funniest posts ever, and i love her cheetah fries. Plus hers was the first giveaway i ever won! I love how she thought my nickname tra was pronounced trah.

Sue: fellow tofu fiend. her blog is gorgeous and i read all the archives and i hope and aspire to blog like her!

No Meat Athlete: just found this blog, and it's amazing how one can accomplish so much and not have to eat meat! i love how he's an awesome runner, so inspiring since i HEART running and want to run a marathon!

Roboppy: I read this one blog before I read kath's. For a recovered anorexic still struggling with eating however and whatever I like, this blog is wonderful for me to see how true people eat and love food. her pictures and posts on what she eats and how she celebrates birthdays and etc food style are hilarious.

The Food Pornographer: she makes awesome curry. and she eats a ton of asian food. what's not to like? She has certain food she loves and I love how she waxes poetic on things like KFC and mickey d's big breakfast (rip). She lives in australia. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

3. 10 honest things:
1. I HATE saliva. I can't stand watching babies burp up or do spit bubbles.
2. I didn't get my first kiss/make out session until June 2009. YES THIS YEAR.
3. I wish I could be more like my twin and eat whatever the hell i wanted and still fit into tiny jeans.
4. I really want a motorcycle. BADLY.
5. Sometimes I wish I didn't recover- my body has changed so much.
6. Whenever I'm bored, I search for split ends. yes, split ends.
7. When I was slowly recovering I engaged in disordered behavior: chewing and spitting. Even now I do it sometimes when i'm stressed. It's gross and I have to stop.
8. It takes me so long to figure out what to eat because i'm calculating calories, fat, nutrients...
9. I wish I could just train and not worry about a job or school. (i.e. enroll in crossfit, run and train etc.)
10. I've turned down so many invitations for fear of eating something I can't control. i waver between being openly social, and a homebody. i'm afraid i'll never find true love. ever.

i was going to also put: i hate the pb cookie larabar. SORRY!

a hard core treadmill workout preceded by:

(i say hardcore BECAUSE MY ASS HURTS LIKE HELL. nothing else hurts, randomly. time to go at it harder. =) )
Pre run snack: that leftover peach microwaved with cinnamon. (burned my lip on that shit. (see tray spit the rhymez.) It was OKAY. i think it would have been better baked longer. HMM>)

was going to eat a banana bread lara bar for prep for 5 K, but I took stock of my limbs and legs (uhh yesterday after hard run, my knees burned hours afterward. running a hard 5 k would NOT be good. i'm transitioning into running high intensity only 3 times a week as prescribed by CFE and doing more CF exercises 4-6 times a week. we'll see.)

The pb de Trader Joe's was interesting. I guess coming from a sweetened PB loco jungle banana and going to something where the ingredient list is : PEANUTS is a tough transition, but I'll do it.
insert: 9 min tt. 1.15 miles, 7:57/mile. =D sometimes a short hard run > long arduous and slow run.
And it was made all the better with the pb banana burps i love so much.

tofu burrito!

and: hot soymilk, celery stalk, carrot, and a mealy plum. =D

Then came church. I got really hungry.


Lunch: canellini beans cooked TRAY style...pluot, 4 pieces of cantaloupe, celery (yes i eat the leaves) and brussel sprouts. And SOYMILK! =D


Then we went to U$C to drop my sister off, she starts school tomorrow =( I will miss her during the week!

Here's the dinner we had at Monterey Park to load her up with leftovers

Fire in the hole

That's what my mouth is right now- too much tabasco with dinner!

tortilla, soymilk (a more reasonable amount) pan fried tilapia (rolled in flour, pan fried) tofu stirfry with soy and green onions, and stir fried romaine lettuce.

Now i'm chewing a piece of gum and have no feeling in my lips.

Time to relax with my computer and hopefully rest my hurting knees (they hurt a LOT today!)

Rollin' wit the homies


Today was a hard to get up 4 am wakeup call....some days it's so easy...
Cereal drink:

Working the macro setting.

Then 60 minutes of dreadmill. Then 40 minutes easy bicycling with Women's Day and Pride and Prejudice. And day dreams.

Then....chill, sweat drying....put on garmin bf and heart rate monitor...
Pre run/gym snack:

And cinnamon ROLL LARA BAR! Warmed up after this picture. Try microwaving it! It's nice and hot...and soft..(yes, that's what i wrote.) (NOTE: do NOT microwave in wrapper. everything sparks and the wrapper is all busted up and burned. I stupidly did this.)

And a handful of grapes as i ran out the door.

Insert CFE hard core run:
2X12 minute intervals with 2 minute recovery in between.
My stats: 1st 12 min interval: 1.51 miles, 7:57/mile =D. 2nd: 1/48 8:03/mile. that's 2.99 (grr) miles in 24 minutes! =D

I was peeved I could have done better if :a) Random girl didn't grab at me to ask where some building was. uhhh get a map?
b) some jeep totally almost ran me over doing a right turn. #*%%@#(*@#.

Then lifting at the gym:
Walking lunges
21 pullups assisted, pushups, situps
walking lunges, 18 etc etc
walking lunges, 15 etc etc
Walking lunges, 12 etc etc, walking lunge, 9 etc, walking lunge, 6 etc.
I am rocking on the pushups and situps, but the pull ups get to me. Damn weak upper back. =(

Then I talked to my friend the texter, and he showed me pictures of his daughter...soo cute!=D

Then home to change into a nice puma shirt and nike guy shorts. its my weekend, i dress accordingly.


less than 1 big block of tofu (soft) with low sodium soy, soymilk, brussel sprouts micro-steamed, i need a steamer basket STAT, and a UNDER RIPE PEACH which i ate a couple of pieces, and then grabbed like 10 green grapes. What do you do with a cut up underripe peach? microwave it with cinnamon? HMMM.

Then i dicked around on google reader, studied....lunch was late....wanted to wait for my sister, but it was pointless to keep waiting if i was hangry!

Lunch: A SHITLOAD of soymilk, 5 brussel sprouts, beans in a wrap! (the celery is pictured, but i didn't feel like eating it.)

The famous BEAN BURRITO i talk about. On my favorite yellow plate- it's soo FISHER PRICE it's scary.

Inside shot!

beans are kidney beans.
Tell me what you think! =D

Be back hopefully with a dinner post!