Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CRUNCH! ~ sorry miss, she's eating...

GO LEAN CRUNCH! NOT A VLASIC classic! =D everyone remember that commercial?
Today I decided to eat some go lean crunch honey almond flax EVEN though I promised myself not to have cereal no more. I really want to eat less processed food, so i'm giving myself a dead line to wean myself off - Once it hits august first, eat oatmeal as a pre run snack or pb and a piece of fruit. Too many times I've said this and then dived into a box of cereal. NO MORE!
I always end up feeling a bit guilty for going back on my word/oath/swear/etc.

Anyways, tough hilly run all over my neighborhood. Only like 1.7 miles but it felt like FOREVER because of the heat! AUGH!

Today I just worked from 6:12 AM to 1:15 pm. Bleh! Hard work dealing with kids who don't listen. Breakfast was a cereal drink, half a veggie burger, a can of tuna, and then later 3/4 cup of non fat yogurt with a peach, 2 strawberries, a yellow kiwi, and bloobs. Covered in cinnamon. I think i'm running out! HORRORS!

Later i'm going to hit up the gym for THE FASTEST 20 minute body weight workout created by moi. Usually it involves lunges, sit ups, push ups, inverted rows, squats, and close grip push ups. Hell in a handbasket. Actually that would be when i create circuits that start with 5 minutes of bike sprints and then finishes with supersets of 5 sets of 10 of an exercise. Yes i am crazy.

Dinner might just be a lara bar since i'm possibly going to be out on the run. Time to contemplate my post workout snack. Feeling PECKISH. =D

Does anyone else load up on cinnamon? My friends never thought of putting cinnamon on I also crave kabocha right now. Anyone ever make it in the microwave?


  1. No cereal is a hard one! I use to eat cereal all the time... breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was a little side dish to each meal. But now I can't eat it for some reason my stomach hurts everytime. But I feel your pain of having to give it up !

  2. I agree, cereal is my weakness! Everytime I go to the store I have to refrain from buying a box! And I am with you on putting cinnamon on everything- yogurt, cereal, toast, oatmeal, cottage cheese.........

  3. yeah, i think i just gotta quit it COLD TURKEY! it makes me feel sluggish having not ate it for a couple of days. you know? and btw....bean burrito for dinner, plans changed...i'm so in a food rut!

  4. cereal is definately a tough one. this is coming from a girl who used to eat cereal - literally, for EVERY meal lol. good luck!