Thursday, July 30, 2009



Lol. Just kidding. Today I made kabocha again (last kabocha! TEAR TEAR!) I do my kabocha via STOVETOP! I know, I don't roast it like everyone else, but I seem to like it nice and mushy with some flavor. If you all want the recipe how I do it, lemme know in the comments and i'll write a nice little hilarious post on how I do KABOCHA (yes, that's what she said.)

Today's eats included - cereal drink, 3 eggwhites cooked in the microwave- does anyone have a god recipe for this? My eggwhites ADHERED to my bowl and refused to let go like long lost lovers. Afterward, 1/5 stalks of celery which i kept in a produce bag and whipped out of my pocket at random times to bite and shove back in my pocket (my coworkers + cute building supervisor laughed at me), coffee buzz which gave me a headache (there you go, drinking after 1 year of quiting caffeine cold turky) and a yogurt mess of 3/4 cup nf plain yogurt, nectarine, 2 strawbs, bbs, and a plum. COVERED in cinnamon. Came home, and downed the LAST bowl of GO LEAN CRUNCH HONEY ALMOND FLAX RIP FOREVERS...and did a hilly 20 minute run. WHEW! Post workout meal: salmon and canned green beans. DELICIOUS.

Dinner, tho, rocked my socks. Tofu, Chive egg omelette, and aforementioned Kabocha. With hot soymilk because that's HOW I ROLL.

I'm a little worried because my right hip flexor is sore/tight. I'll watch this carefully to monitor in case I might be close to pulling it. Time to roll out with foam roller! FOAM ROLLER HOOOOOOO(a la thundercats. )

So apparently I am the weird eater at my work. I have tofu for breakfast. I have hard boiled eggs. I have yogurt with fruit. I eat veggie burgers in the morning. I don't eat fast food. LOL. No donuts/refined flours for me! =D I carry celery in my pocket. OKAY the last comment i'll say i'm kinda weird.

So I got orthotics today. Ouch! It hurts! =D
How's everyone doing today! I'd like to say that anyone who reads this blog- HUGS! I love being able to spill my thoughts to you guys. Time to tend to my Google Reader- 198! AIYAH! And do some strength- although my Abs are ABSOLUTELY tight. lol.


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