Friday, July 31, 2009

1 new message from Hulk

This kept popping up on my phone for the past hour....yes, "Hulk" because at the summer camp I work at, we have to have nicknames and NOT use our real names. I'm Jet. =D

Hi peeps! How are you? Sorry for the late post- it's 3008 (actually 8.21 pm) and i'm 2000 n-LATE.

=D Boom boom pow! KACHOW!

Today was SORT of chill, one of those tiring days tho that drains you like vampires sucking blood. Okay gross analogy.

Eats: cereal drink, bites of a miss may's bar, and then turkey sandwich meat, celery stalk, and then the rest of the bar, then yogurt mess. Yes i am a creature of habit....shoot me. Came home tired and hungry (DID NOT REACH FOR any CEREAL!) fixed myself a nectarine and dabbed/SPOONED pb loco jungle banana on it and then drank another cereal drink and suited up for a nice CFE run. And walk back home dripping sweat. Then i ate eggwhites and kabocha chased with some Soy juice/milk. Dinner was thyme chicken, broccoli, and milk. soy. hot. yum.

Yes I am aware those were all fragments. Sigh, where is my english grammar going? To ROT!

You know what's weird? Someone you haven't talked to for like 3 years wall posting on your facebook for a couple of days! STRANGE!

So Hulk brings up an interesting point: he like working out when the sun's setting. I love running and watching the sun go up whilst running/breathing hard/dying. Then he goes in his text: [...]we should have a chill blockbuster night i like relaxing.
lol. i like relaxing too. =D he and i were back and forth totally complimenting each other on our love of being active. =D

Tomorrow is a rest day, so light activity heavy strength is planned. Me loves. Right now feeling a little bloated. God I hate the horror you have bestowed upon womenkind known as a monthly gift. THANKS.
Does anyone eat pb straight up from teh jar? by the spoonful? I tried that...and you get a pb aftertaste/breath, but...TOTALLY worth it. OMG i've come so far.

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  1. Mmm yes kabocha is good with anything! Especially in omelets :)

    Haha, I do eat pb(and ab) from the jar too. It makes a fab dessert!