Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Cheese on Chicken! Cheese on Chicken!
Anyone ever sing that camp song hey burrito? Seriously?

So right now I'm working at a summer camp, and that's one of the songs. VERY VERY catchy.
My fav is "baby shark" (da da da da da...etc)

Anyways, today for lunchy poo- (it kinda looked like poop, but HEY! who cares when you haven't eaten since 10:30 and it's pushing 2:30!) I made my all time favorite bean burrito. Here's the breakdown:

First, in mini saucepan that oddly smells like curry powder, heat some water to cover the bottom. Realize pan has weird crust from last burrito filling making adventure, and scrub with dishwashing soap. Fill with water again, add a bunch of curry powder, chili powder, and cumin and turn on stove to heat.

As it heats, drain 15 oz can of kidney beans in strainer too small for that amount. Curse as it rains beans in sink. Pick out some from sink, rinse off with water and throw in to pan (Probably 1/2 cup? who knows) . Stir and mix as the water slowly evaporates off, and makes a weird spice sauce. It's delicious. It might crust around the edges but HEY! it comes off with some water. Trust me I've tried. I'll try to put up pictures if and when i get a cool camera. Keep stirring to soften and heat beans.
Heat up La tortilla Factory burrito tortilla (80 cal! SWEET!) in microwave, 30 seconds. At this time, beans should be all nice and soft and coated in weird spice-y sauce. Spoon onto tortilla. Wrap up burrito style and MICROWAVE for 45 seconds. (Yes, i like my stuff BURNING HOT)
EAT AND THEN...deal with aftermath..i.e. sit near bathroom, and let 'er rip. Seriously. But it's worth it.

This is delish to me. Maybe not to you, but I've PERFECTED MY METHOD. WHWAHHAHA. =D
Okay, this is getting out of hand.

Today was my rest day, but I did do some ab work at 5:30 AM (crunches, bike style) and I also walked inclines on the dreadmill for 60 minutes.

Usually I do more lifting, (i'm a nsca cpt!) but not during the week because I work. I do run 5 times a week. Do you guys want to know more about me though? Sorry about no pictures! I can't figure out how to post pictures from flickr (and to cite the picture taker too)

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  1. mmm - you have me craving a bean burrito now :)