Saturday, August 1, 2009

And on Saturday, Tra rested.

Today was a nice rest day. A little unsettling since i'm so used to doing activity. Kinda hard when every 5 minutes you cramp up. GAHH!

But! I'm not going to feel sorry for myself. I'm not going to let how active I am determine what I eat. SO THERE!

Today started out with a nice cereal drink, copius spoonfuls of peanut butter and yogurt...then breakfast of oats, (1/3 cup made in microw) with yogurt, a peach and tons of strawberries. rot....

Then me, twin sis, and mommy trayn went to Costco to gas up, and chuck off to Northridge to the mall.. No purchases. Darn you expensive A and F and hollister clothing!

I waited for them to eat El Pollo Loco, and then we jetted off to costco for....feminine products. LOL I HAD TO SAY IT!
Upon arrival at home, I was shakin with hunger. SHAKING! So I put together a chicken wrap with lastnight's chicken, and had soymilk and kabocha on the side. yum yum yum. Then i blog read for an hour, and then slept for 2 hours ( i was up at 3 AM TODAY! with pain.) Then I chilled and helped mom fix dinner: pan fried basa, thrown into a tortilla, with opo and soy milk.

it's a squash! It's green and delicious. You have to peel it(do you know, i say SHAVE carrots instead of peel. yep, i'm a quirky one!)

My mom stirfries this SUCKAH with little shrimpies. Here is a little picture of flavoring shrimp thanks to Wikipedia:

Cute little buggers eh? yes, i'm canadian now. Anyways, that's a big part of Asian Stirfried veg, especially for cukes, napa cabbage, and opo! Yum!

Ew, I'm all sweaty and gross and i didn't even run! YUCKO!

Otherwise, a not so interesting day....Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Question: does anyone eat oatmeal before they run? is it too heavy in the stomach? I might just eat fruit. Thoughts?

Day 1- no cereal! WOO HOO. Processed foods: OUT!


  1. Hi! Thanks for checkin' out my blog and all the sweet comments :)

    Ah, I definitely know how hard rest days can be! That's why I walk my dogs and do seom yoga on rest days - like I gotta do SOMETHING, ya know?! My bod just loves to move.

    I would definitely recommend Larabars as preworkout fuel. Because they're so compact and already grinded up, they're easy to digest. I have a sensitive stomach, so that is a MUST for me (a long run in the afternoon will kill me because I'll have too much in my stomach). But Laras provide enough fat to keep me from getting ravenous and enough carbs to keep me going.

  2. i have never been a big oatmeal fan - so my answer to that is no-but i always like to have something light and fluffy in my tummy before a run.

  3. Great job avoiding processed foods.

  4. lol, your title is hilarious.
    And haha, SHAVE carrots! I like that!

  5. I don't really care for oatmeal these days, but when I use to eat it I never ate it before workout it. I always felt sick. I usually eat yogurt or a banana.