Saturday, September 5, 2009

America runs on dunkin nectarines in pb.

Just got back from seeing District 9 with texter friend D! it was pretty good, too bad his deltoid is so big that even when i'm sitting next to him, it keeps touching my shoulder. other than that, pretty good. He's so funny, he brought snacks and was like here! CANDY! me: uhhh i kinda don't do candy...but he even went to whole foods to get me snackimals. i declined since I JUST ATE DINNER. he was depressed. BUT! let's get to the food first.

Cereal drink. Treadmill climb (cue miley cyrus)


PB AND NECTARINE! i never tire of this combo.

8X 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of hill sprints. Damn it near killed me.

Home, cleaned up, then facebook emailed D like a million times (he calls me so many random names like Smurfette....etc) I have no idea what this means.

Then me and mom went to get sister from USC, and then to bank, then home.

Home: i ate this:

Yogurt and peach and strawberries, cauliflower, and i added some kabocha to it later. With soymilk and cow milk cocktail.

Then I attempted to study, got dizzy, then slept for an hour, then went out to Costco to gas up, to Jon's for cabbage, and Daphnes for greek deliciousness.


Oregano Lemon? scented Daphne's greek chicken (SOOO GOOD GO TRY IT) breast (1/2)? in the tortilla. Cauliflower and kabocha on side. YUM YUM.

Then study, and then 20 pushups and like a couple of sets of 10 of crunches while watching JUST COOK THIS with Sam Zien on Fit tV. I love that guy. he's funny.

Then i napped again. It's just way too hot to function. Then i woke up, found a voicemail from D (whoops) and then missed his call again. god, i am just one hot mess. I took a shower so i would be presentable, and then hit up din din with mom:


=D it was good.

Then district nine at 7:30. Wow. what an intense movie. me and d chatted about little things the whole time, and now i'm back here posting. =D



  1. Haha sounds like you had an awesome dinner. I love tofu, tortilla, nappa cabbage, and eggs :)

  2. hmmm so how was that nectarine and pb ?!?!?! interesting. i love cabbage- seriously it is so crunchy good with annies goddess dressing.