Friday, September 11, 2009

Puffy pillows of perfection

Totally describes Barbara's Shredded oats. Oh hot damn. those are DAMN good.

This powered my
3X (200 m, 400m, 600 m ) intervals (rest in between: how long it takes to run the distance)

Finished the2.34 miles with average 8:03 pace i think.


Orthotics are A GO!

Then i went to the gym with every intention of lifting...despite being pretty sore in chest, traps, and hammies and quads....and i was walking in, and i ran into D! Whoa. So i was like, eh, i'll go pee, and then go lift, so i started with 25 pushups to warm myself up...and then i'm resting thinking of the next step and he popped up, saying WHERE"D YOU GO! I WAS LOOKING ALL OVER!

Then we just chatted about everything for like 2 he walked me out and to my car. how kind to be escorted!

Went home shakin because i was sooo hungry (weird, huh?)
and ate this:

yogurt, peach, pluot, cabbage (gosh, i'm getting sick of this) and milk.
Downed that sucker in like no time flat.

Then study, study study.


nothing like beans to cheer me up! =D beans, nectarine, MORE CABBAGE. aiyah. And milk.

MORE MORE studying. and nappy. And messaging D.


Whew. I am soo full as i'm typing this. must be the protein? i have no idea. I hate feeling bloated. I probably will not eat 4 egg whites next time, just three. and not the grapes. WHEW! pluot was good and the cabbage is probably expanding in my stomach! wheewwwwww.

Now i'm watching matrix reloaded ONLY for the highway scene. LOL.

oh so i have a turtle on my phone, like a tiny little turtle and i took a picture of it with a bigger one, and showed D, who responded: where's my turtle dove.


no seth today =(
Have a good weekend peeps!


  1. So, did you manage to get the Quaker bars? tee hee hee!
    Plain white eggs are bland! Try them with ketchup! :-)

  2. Hi Tray,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You weren't lying when you said you liked Barbara's shredded oats huh!? I just saw the posts with your overflowing bowls, I could get used to that :) You said something about eating primal? I am curious if you are still doing this. My boyfriend and I have been toying with a paleo diet and have managed to incorporate some of the foods but haven't gone 100% by a long shot.