Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tra :0, Oats 2

Yes, I lost by 2 today. Quaker oat man got me... TWICE.

Pretreadmill walk fuel:

cereal drink + what was left in this cup.

See. Day already off to a bad start.

No pre run fuel seeing as how TODAY IS A REST DAY!

Breakfast: weirdly, i wasn't hungry. HOW STRANGE.

1/3 cup oats in microwave (b healthier, i tried to tell that oatmeal to behave and it just blew up in my face. literally. stove top anyone?) 3/4 cup yogurt, peach, strawberries, and a plum. Cinnamon to cover.

Then I went to class where i got called on like 3 times. UGH! i hate that! Then i bought a parking permit, and then i went to a grocery store to buy millions of drumsticks and also tofu and chicken broth.

Lunch, i was hungry!

Ugh. NOT a good lunch. made chickpeas like i usually make beans, and used garam masala. I don't know, something just didn't make me like it. I ate like 7/8s of the bowl, then junked the rest when i figured i was just eating to eat. Ate everything else tho.

Rest, and then study mcat crap and Athletic training crap.
Slept from 3:30-4:30- maybe longer but my texter friend woke me up calling me and leaving me a voicemessage that went like TRAYYYYYYYYYYYYY ITS YOUR BOY DDDDDDDDD. HOOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (yes, that was verbatim)

I called him back and we figured out that we hadn't planned a time for saturday! yikes. not good. I don't know where we're going to see it, but i'm going to find him tomorrow during work.

More studying. Finally start to get hungry. Don't you just hate those days? I think because it's too hot.

Yep, tofu stirfry. tea egg, kabocha WHICH I MADE! yum yum. Much better than last time!
Tortilla and soy cow milk mix were in microwave. they were shy. and getting hot. in the box. LOL.

Now i'm just finishing some reviewing and then going to try to watch some tv later!
strength today: same as yesterday. tomorrow is gym time. yep, can't wait!

Has anyone had those days like today where NOTHING GOES RIGHT?! UGH!

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  1. Nothing seems to go right because it is TOO damn hot to even think! Seriously! Is LA weather ALWAYS like this? Tell me it isn't so!!!