Thursday, September 17, 2009

Upper crust.

Hahha that's what this predreadmill snack was!

My last glenny's brownies. heated up. savored. you know what's rockin' about them? they're like SPARKLY!

So i did walking on an incline, then jacked it up to 12 again, and did 6 20 second sprints at 7.0 last one was 7.8 whew almost fell off.

Then just walking and cool down on bike with Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The book, not with Keira. although i do like that movie.

Then i rested, studied, and then ate this

Gala apple. I just realized i ate A TON of apples today. oh well. i'll be safe from Dr's offices...
Cherry pie larabar. mmmm okay, not amazing. BUT still good.

8X200 m, 1 minute recovery in between. 6:55/mile average.

3X15 glute ham sit ups
6X3 pull ups assisted
36 side plank with 12.5 lb row
6X6 30# skull crusher
3X15 back extension
tons of bikes, and crunches
D saw me in the gym and texted me so. =)

Oh! GRATUITOUS After gym shot. you should see me RIGHT after i run. I'm a sweat monster. Excuse the horrible definition in the picture and my abs. Sorry to SCAR YOU FOR LIFE

Home to eat this:

An apple (see?!) plum, and grapes and broccoli. And the rest of the pb jar.

JUST KIDDING! I ate some with my broccoli. =D

Then i worked from 12-1 volunteering, and then got gas, produce and came home to fix this:

Kidney beans TRAYN HARDER STYLE (very spicy this time) green beans, and apple and celery stick. YUM-O.

Work Work work. Then CHORE TIME while watching Diner's paradise. Laundry, Cleaning, etc.

Then I tried out a new recipe of my own!
I took two chicken breasts defrosted and SLATHERED it in whole grain mustard. this is the shit!
Salty, but the SHIT!
and then i marinated it for like 12 minutes, i.e. heating the oven to 375 degree F
Then i popped them in (one of them i put some oats on it, we'll see how that tastes)
and baked for i guess 25? minutes? until i cut into it and it was done.

I also steamed kabocha in the microwave! YUM EVEN BETTER THAN STOVETOP and faster. 8 minutes with a bunch of water. YUm. I sprinkled cinnamon on that and devoured. The chicken was awesome. On the side I was going to have broccoli but then was like, hm. I want an apple. something crunchy. (everything was kinda one texture if i had microwave broccoli.)
Yum crunchy. this was an awesome and filling dinner.

Now i'm digesting and blogging, and will watch some stuff later. Tomorrow is a rest day from running (may do some sprints on the treaddy but more concentrated on lifting, like deadlifts squats) i'm upping the weight a little more!




  1. whats kabocha?

    p.s. i love the pictures. you are my role model :)

  2. Dude, you are SO skinny! And very toned indeed :) Oooh sparkly brownies? You sure there was't anything else in them *winkwink*.

  3. Hi Trayn,

    Thanks for the comment! I'm ready to get my hands on those brownies of yours!

  4. What a coincidenec. I also took a self-bod portrait of myself today. Unfortunately, I did not appear as slim as you. I hit the "delete" button.

  5. where did you get those brownies!?!?! Brownies and 100 calories should be considered illegal. Hook me up girl, I need to get my hands on some!

    Also, thanks for the comment on my new blog! Means a ton :)

    I replied to your post, you should check it out--> turns out, they DO bottle banana bread scent :)