Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

RIP Barbara's Shredded Oats. You made my life complete for 3 days. Yeah, i finished that box like in 3 days. Scratch the like. It was THREE DAYS. -__-

Anyways, that plus half a Organic Jammy Sammy (from Revolution Foods) (it tasted rEALLY funny i don't know if it was expired or something, but it tasted like metallic and....gross) and a spoonful of peanut butter. you know me, i dipped into the jar later with a fork. yep, that is HOW i roll.

All this fuel helped me do 1.88 miles. i didn't set up my Garmin right, but Here is what i was supposed to do:

1 mile, rest 3 min, 3X400 at the 1 mile pace 30 seconds in between.

What i really did was : run 1 mile in 8:24, rest 2 minutes, run .60 miles and then rest and then run .25 miles. Yeah. so i ran wrong. oh well, i worked up a nice sweat and walking back to UCLA i passed a guy who...passed some gas. yeah gross.

Then lifting time! my fav:
i did:
9X10 back extensions
125 total glute ham situps
30 crunches on ball
30 stability ball pushups in sets of 10
6X6 30# skull crushers

My legs are killing me from that damn hill yesterday.
Plus somehow i was dead during this. Ew. i hate that.Can't wait to fuel with fruit now.

Hoofed it home and after washing up, chilling with sister, pluggin in garmin, i made this

Left: grapes i didn't eat and yogurt and 2 pluots, RIGHT: cabbage. Milk on the side.

Then i worked on some MCAT shit, and took a glorious 1.5 hour nappy. Woke up and fixed THIS!

TOFU BURRITO! haven't seen these in awhile right?
I sauteed up some tofu in a tiiiiiny bit of oil(just enough to slick the pan) and soy sauce at the end when it was crispy to my liking. Yes i cut up my tofu in squares and triangles. =D
Plated and with a carrot and THE LAST bit of cabbage and milk. And my sunday crossword I"M STILL WORKING ON.

Then more study duddy, writing essays....watching tv.......


SAME OLD SAME OLD. Gotta go with what you crave a la Ellie Krieger.

Bean and Corn enchilada- why must you have so much sodium!? time to make my own bean stuff. Milk, and GRAPES! =D Yeah, that's the crossword that is STUMPING ME.

At 8 i'm watching the FOOD NETWORK CHALLENGE! =D
Monday is school. EW. But at least i get to see someone i haven't seen in YEARS!


  1. I don't like Foodnetwork Challenge. It is one of the few shows that I don't like in Food Network. It's kinda boring!

    hahaha! He passed gas? Yuck, just when you're breathing deeply in for oxygen, you breathed in poison gas! ;-)

  2. Looks like you love cereal as much as I do :) I could eat it with every meal or snack.

    "The Clapper" sucks, but I think that the "gas passer" might be even worse, I feel for you! Hahaha!