Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of those days...

Wow. Today was ONE of those days

Treadmill walk, bike .

Study for test.

Eat 1.5? Cereal drink and run:

20 times of 10 second on, 5 seconds off. I am NOT a sprinter. Sigh..

Back to study for test and call sis to wake her up.

Then I prepared some food just in case I got hungry during or before the test:

4 egg whites. =D

Then I went to Valley HOURS before the test, and studied....COSMO and learned about guy body language. Too bad I wasn't getting tested on that. My stomach started growling, so then i went to the cafeteria and ate my egg whites. All while watching the clock. Then took the test. EW.

I hate testing.

Then! I went home to make this! I was hungry! Finally!

Yogurty mess of 1/2 cup yogurt, cinnamon, tiny plum, and kabocha. Half a celery stick.

Then I cleaned! and had a well deserved break from studying MCAT or AT.

And I read blogs. FUN TIMES =D

Next thing you know it, it's time for another meal.

I KNOW I KNOW it's the same, but i promise this is the last. I"m trying to eat up little bits and bobs in the fridge since I know i won't have to cook as much since my mom will be back tomorrow and cooking up a storm i bet.

So THBB. and Cabbage. Spicy goodness. Fueled an intense cleaning vacuuming session.....and a power nap of 2 hours. LOL.

Woke up, read more blogs, watched Barefoot Contessa, continued the cleaning rampage, and then made dinner:


Egg white (3) scramble that was supposed to be an omelette with napa and some cabbage, and kabocha. and milk. SOME HOW this was extra filling. I"m like SOO full! Could be because I am chewing gum right now. Oh well. Next time, I better not eat so fast! =/ I HATE feeling too full reminds me of the ED days. =(

Today was a day of rest, tomorrow is heavy lifting FOR THE FIRST TIME MY ABS ARE KINDA SORE!


Oh D messaged me today at 8:33 am:
The Wooden (our gym) is empty without T -Lo ;t

and this is his prose in return to my macbeth:

Ahhhhhh, I like the prose from the rose that rises as does the phoenix. Tic toc who sees the clock not if one hears the tic toc of that clock.


Happy wednesday!
Has anyone else experimented in the kitchen? I know i keep eating bean burritos, but when i dont want to eat (ED thoughts) i try to make things I would like. Sorry for the lack of excitement about my meals. I'm kinda stressing.



  1. You are a busy girl! Hope you get some rest soon :-)

    The quinoa crackle you asked about is from Body + Soul magazine. You can find it here:

  2. Study, eat, study. Story of my life.
    But stop eating egg whites!!!! Haha, you need the yolk too!! It really is the nutritious part of the egg...
    Now, go take a nap or pamper yourself, girl!
    Or come meet me!!!! :D