Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Square One

YAY IT"S HUMPDAY! only a couple of more days til the weekend! HOORAY!
today, after treadmill time, it was.....SQUARE ONE! one minute running, one off, 3 times and that set 3 times. whew!

This running was fueled by savory squares of goodness:

Then I came home from outside, studied, and then packed a snack:

grapes. GREEN thank you. no me gustan lluvas that are purple.

Then to Valley College where i vultured to find a parking space, and then went to the library to cram for my test. Test was 9:40-10:15. ew.

Home, then a weird meal?

chicken breast, milk, and cabbage and cauliflower. you'll be seeing a lot of this cabbage. my mom left me with TONS.

A little left over because i felt sick. Nap time!

Then to my podiatrist to pick up some new orthotics. LOOK OUT WORLD, TRAY'S STEPPIN OUT AND RUNNING!

Then i dicked around the house, didn't feel like i ate another little meal:

Tofu stirfry burrito, more cabbage and milk. and chatting with my sister at the same time.

Then i picked up my clothes around my room,
napped, and then
cooked up some eatz!

OHHH BEANS..where you bean?! just kidding. I missed you like the sun misses the rain. is that a love song? correct me if i am totally butchering it. I love love songs on the kost by the way. AHHH. I love it. Steamed cabbage. What is Tray? one big cabbage head. And leftover nectarine and a pluot. =D

D just said what he did today, and ended with "came to find you =) ". i guess that qualifies as cute?
Tomorrow is a rest day! WHEW! and gym! I MISSED IT.
Today I did 30 pushups.


  1. 30 push-upS?!! God damn! I can't even do 1! Awesome!

  2. Hrm...I've actually been avoiding the green grapes for the past couple weeks. The red and blacks around here have been much better!

    As a side note, those intervals don't look fun. Not one bit.

  3. Such a productive day! Hope your test went well :)