Sunday, September 27, 2009

A pie to DIE for

Aww sunday has come and gone. Sadness.


Treadmill walk and bike ride was preceded by this hot mess:

Oats, flax, cinnamon. Sinfully delish.

Then rest, and eat this for running power!

Apple pie larabar bought yesterday and 4 cute strawberries. Apparently it's christmas over here. =D

6X 3minutes rest 1 minute on intervals 1, 3, 4 and 3 minutes rest on 2, 5

Then walked back, walked a bit with the neighbor and the dogs, and back to study and read blogs until i felt hungry for breakfast.

Breaking the fast:

Yogurt, flax, peach, kiwi, and kabocha. Milk to drink!

Then church, with english sermon. Sermon: Honor your parents.

HOME! for lunch!

Chicken wrap with bell pepper inside and outside. Milk.

Watched Ellie Krieger, and then napped. Woke for quick dinner:

Tofu wrap, cauliflower, and milk.

Downed it in like 15 min flat, and ran to get sister back to dorms.

Now i'm just chilling until AMAZING RACE!!!!!!!

Who's NOT excited for school tomorrow. =(
Today is a rest day, might do a couple of pushups, but i'm not pushing it since tomorrow is some body weight stuff at home.

peace out!


  1. I'm not exactly excited for school tomorrow either....Mid-terms coming soon...

    so, did you honor your parents today? lol!

  2. I'm not in school, but I have work tomorrow. NOT looking forward to it.
    Great eats and just reading your workouts is making me tired!

  3. shucks i totally missed out on amazing race...darn sunday night football and laundry...

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog hun! I replied to you on there.