Monday, September 21, 2009

The best part of waking uppp


Pre treadmill walk snack:

1/4 cup OATMEAL! =D I also woke up STARVING! i had some fiber one bar and some milk.

Walk a big hill

Bike with Pride and Prejudice and Time magazine

Then Pre run snack:

Plum and Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Kashi bar. This thing was awesome!

Bad run tho: left hip flexor CRAZY TIGHT AND HURTY
ON tap:
10X200 m recovery how long it took (i was in a hurry so i just waited a bit and ran. bad idea)
Average pace 7:55/mile SIGHHHHH

Rest from lifting today. Tomorrow is rest running and gym lifting.

Then I went to school to LEARN!
GOT REALLY HUNGRY and had some bites of celery i brought with me.

Went to Ralphs afterwards for some moo juice and came home to eat

YOGURT CONTAINER BREAKFAST! Last of oikos + 1/4 cup regular NFYogurt, and kabocha and Peach and water. Yum.

Rested, studied REALLY HARD NO DISTRACTIONS watched barefoot contessa , and then made this:

I don't even want to talk about this. Nasty poached chicken breast, milk, and napa cabbage. Horrible. Bland. Not delicious. I ate because i was hungry and junked a little bit of the rest.

I BLAME this for ruining the rest of the day ( I feel really sick right now...nauseous)

I couldn't study, so i napped and then woke up even more nauseous. Waited til 6 to start making food, because I try to eat every couple hours and made this:

Looks good right? The other poached chicken breast in Trayn Harder Style Sauce of curry and cumin. It worked! with napa and milk. Okay I TRIED to eat this...TRIED and only got through half before almost throwing up. WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH ME?!

I have no idea.

you might be seeing a lot of low key meals like egg whites or yogurt...or larabars. Something for my stomach to eat. =(

My sister says it's because i'm not sleeping could be that..or like i'm stressed. i dunno guys, i'm like kinda worried about myself. I find myself worrying about calories and fat and body fat. =(


In other news, D messaged me saying what with it. Interesting lingo, D.

I hate mondays.


  1. im sorry you're having a tough time right now. you look ABSOLUTELY wonderful, you ARE wonderful.

    Maybe take a day offf and just relaxing will help. maybe your sis is right, sleep is all you need.

  2. i think it all depends on when you nap. any time after 1-2pm then your whole evening schedule get thrown out of whack!

  3. Wow.. i wish I could run a 7:55 mile.. i'm lucky if I get to a 10 min mile haha! I hope you're feeling better tonight!!