Tuesday, September 1, 2009

C^3 lump

So i wanted to eat oatmeal instead of cereal drink. oatmeal had other plans...it blew up in my microwave. will try tomorrow hopefully with better results. Ugh. it takes so long to heat up too. lame.

Pre workout/run snack

CHOCOLATE COCONUT CHEW. Delish. plus a rottin' plum. you rotten thang. lol
My experience of eating the ccc larabar was marred by a nut shell! ouch! that hurts!

run: 2X1.5 miles with 5 minute recovery in between.
3X15 glute ham situps
3X10 ball pike
3X10 crunches on ball
3X10 20 # squat
3X10 deadlift with 30#
3X10 20# push press
3X5 assistance 9 dips
3X3 assistance 9 pull ups
3X15 pushups

Fin. Then my friend D the texter escorted me out. so kind. we're trying to plan a movie (district 9) lol. i wonder if that will pan through.


soymilk + milk cocktail. Celery sticks. Plum, cinnamon, peach, yogurt, and 5 strawberries. Heaven in a container.

Then i chatted with mom. better times. we get along now. thank gosh.

Then lunch at 1 pm after studying hard.

mystery burrito! just kidding. chive egg omelette inside and some of that crack i mean tofu with celery stirfry. Brussel sprouts on side. with soy/cow milk.

Then: korean store to recycle cans and glass, staples to buy paper, northridge mall and then ralps and popeyes (dinner for mom)

Chilled (more like boiled it's so hot!) and then dinner at 6 pm:

green beans. tortilla. pan fried tilapia/basa fillet. soy milk + cow milk mixture.

tabasco in the upper left. spicy goodness. tingly lips. yum.

Now i'm going to finish tending to my blog reader-- i whittled it down from 300+ posts! yikes!

tomorrow is class, and i don't know what yet....hmmm. can't wait for something exciting to happen. LABOR DAY WEEKEND! =D
who's already waiting for the weekend? ME!


  1. tell that oatmeal to behave.

    mmmmm mystery burrito i eat you.

  2. Haha, I'm waiting for the weekend too. I'll be glad to have an "off" day to catch up on my reading!

  3. Haha, I'm still on summer break, so it's weekend all the time for me, but I'm looking forward to spending time with those who don't have time to hangout with me during the weekdays. Sheesh, why do people work all the time ;)

    I'm hearing good things about plum + yogurt. I gotta try it soon!

  4. Oh sweety you MUST make the oatmeal on the stove! It is the only way... and very soothing stirring the pot. Yum. Oatmeal. It is time for the old fall/autumn breakfasts to come out of the closet! Mmm spicy tingly lips. So good.

  5. isnt the coconut cocoa chocolate whatever larabar simply the best?!?! LURVESSss (esspecially heated up ;D)

    :O! your oatmeal exploded! mybe that just means its extra good??...

    kay, so its official - tofu + celery + stirfry = best ever. done.


  6. Oh man 1.5 miles x 2 in the morning. Power to you that's impressive!

    If you really want to spend a good 20 minutes stirring, try steel cut oatmeal. The texture is different from your typical rolled and takes a longer time to cook but it's worth it!