Friday, September 18, 2009

Yes! WE CAN!

IT"S FLEX IT FRIDAYYYYYY (just a funny name i made up for fridays. I DID FLEX a ton of muscles! what did you flex today? )

Treadmill was preceded by some cereal drink. SOMEONE HAS TO DRINK IT (it's weird, the box itself says no transfats in the ingredients, but the packet says partially hydrogenated etc etc. MEH.) Also supplemented by some PB. =D

Walking and also 30 second sprints 90 second recovery at 3.0 Sprints: 9.4, 9.4, 9.8. Still not the fastest speed- i was runnin OFF the dreadmill- gotta jack up to 10s

(as D said, you ran today? me: nope. D: GASP!)

Pre lifting workout snack:

A "YES PECAN PI" lara bar and a gala apple. Wasn't loving the pecan pie. just tasted dates. no pecans?! meh.

LOOK! it has a leg! hahahha. It was pretty okay.

5X30 glute ham situps
5X5 55# deadlift
5X5 25# push press
5X5 25# squat
5X10 pushups
3X10 elbows close bench press 20#
6 rounds of:
6 bench dips
10 knees in crunch while balanced on bench

Then i ran into D and we chatted a bit, not a lot he was kinda busy...=/

Then HOME TO STUDY email izzzzzyyyyy and then change into short shorts and a tank and eat this:

regular yogurt, peach! KABOCHA, cinnamon, celery and broccoli and peanut butter spoonfuls! =D
i was hungry! so weird since i didn't run. I guess lifting is HARD CORE! =D

Then i ...SLEPT! =(

Woke up and it was time for lunch! (well i try to eat every 3-4 hours, so it was time)

Tofu sheets, broccoli, kabocha and a gala apple. Crunchy deliciousness. =D

Then i worked more, read some more, and rested a bits. never have google reader open when you want to get work done! =(

Watched barefoot contessa, bobby flay throwdown (PANCAKES!) and then fixed dinner:

2 egg whites, can of tuna, green beans, and more kabocha. i can't get tired of it. =D

Now i'm going to just finish my chapter in MCAT fold the laundry and settle down for the night.


  1. Haha, can't get enough of kabocha, too! I could eat it every day, every meal. But girl, it's not really a good source of carbs and starch, so you need some whole grain in there! ;-)
    (gosh, I sound like a nutritionist hag!)

  2. no running! the abomination. lol. my bf says the same thing when i dont run. its like OMG alert the police! lol.

    btw whats cereal drink? is it like carnation instant breakfast?