Friday, September 4, 2009

got to go to rehab but i said no no no....

rehab for what you ask?

Pre-run snackeroo:
CEREAL! Quaker oat squares deluge and under that is post shredded wheat.
Wow. it was weird eating cereal again. Dare i say, i'm NOT THAT BIG A FAN ANYMORE? sacrilege.

Workout: 1.5 mile time trial. Burn Baby burn as i ran it in 12:51, so like 8:25 /mile . SMOKIN in my terms. sadly, i cannot run 6 minute miles yet. only in my short sprints. that is how sad i am.

Then i had to go to a physical right afterwards, this was my packed breakfast:

yogurt, peach, and strawberries.

So it went: run, walk to find mom, change in bathroom, and go to physical for like 1.5 hours. or like a million years. i tried to type millenium...and i keep typing it wrong. sadness.

I then ate some of my packed breakfast, but wasn't really all that hungry..thank you quaker oat crack.

SO! We peaced out of valley college, and then went to fashion square, where i picked up the shorts i wanted and it was awesome because i thought they weren't there, but the girl got them from the back for me, and they were on sale, and even cheaper because i got 10% off! EXCELLENTE!

Then Costco, Ranch 99 market, and some other places i forget. or maybe it was just that.
Huh. I have the worst memory.

Home for lunch. I made it in a hurry since my mom was HANGRY.

BEAN BURRITO! ya missed it? it was awesome as usual.

White kidney beans are awesome. yes, awesome.

Cauliflower and brussel sprouts and soy/cow milk cocktail. I left one piece of cauliflower since i was getting stuffed. whew. FIBER BOMB. AND FART BOMB. but totally worth it.

Then, study study. And try to start my physician's assistant apps. STRESS UP THE WAZOO.

I was really happy because someone i haven't seen in like 5 months talked to me on facebook. ahhh it was very sweet and made my day. =D

50 pushups, 50 crunches, 50 reverse crunches.
=D finished that filthy fifty.


CURRY! and a tortilla hat. cute right? the soy milk and cow milk mug was feeling a little cold, so he headed to the sauna during the photo shoot.
Alright, almost the end of jeopardy so this means i get to watch it recorded. ON A VHS. how lame, but that is how tray's house rolls.
tomorrow i'm not sure what's going down, but a short spicy run and picking up my sister from u$c is in order. oh and maybe a WHOLE FOODS TRIP!?




  1. is that filthy fifty back to back w/o rest? My god, that's awfully effective.

  2. Those Quacker Oat Squares are magical. All I need is a small handful to give hunger a smackdown.

  3. Haha, the tortilla hat is very cute ;)

    Yeah, I love it when things turn out cheaper than they really are...I'm such a bargain shopper!

  4. haha! I like your tortilla hat, very cute indeed. How do you make it again?

    Hm. Never have been a cereal person. Boo.

    how are you doing with your challenges? :-) And damn Bruins! Apparently they're kicking ass? Haha!