Tuesday, September 15, 2009


YAY tuesdays. Not really exciting, but i'll try to be exciting.

AUGH! i just realized my cereal drink has partially hydrogenated oils. UHH not eating that anymore! Horrors.

So after the treadmill walk

I suited up and ran 8X20 seconds on 10 seconds off up a hill next to my house. Yowza.

Then i came back, read emails, and then ate this

Odwalla Sweet and Salty Bar (see?! it can't make up its mind!) and a tiny bowl of green grapes.
Thoughts on this sweet salty bar: didn't love it. Too sweet in a way...and like the peanuts were OKAY...i guess. I hope other odwalla bars taste better?

Grapes: good. great. Green. =D

5X5 25# squat
5X5 25# push press
5X5 50# deadlift
3X10 backextension
3X10 inverted row
10, 8, 7, 7, 7, 5 assisted dips
30 crunch on ball
30 ball pikes
50 situps
(yesterday i forgot i did 40 glute ham situps)

home to eat:
OVERNIGHT OATS! wow. creamy! oaty! filling?

soaking for two days might have something to do with that...
with cinnamon, yogurt, 2 pluots.

Then headed to Valley College- helped rehab athletes 12-3.
Came home and devoured:

2 egg whites, celery stick, carrot, and grapes.

Worked at MCAT shit and AT shit...

ATE DINNER! bomb dinner

Bean burrito (nom nom) and broccoli and milk. =D

now waiting for love songs on the coast and finishing up some reading.
Oh and...messaging D?
haah. he was a bit snippy today. guess that's what happens when you're old and gray.


  1. oats that have been soaking for 2 days? umm....hm, that's gonna take me some convincing...isn't it really mushy and stuff?

    p.s. Have you tried Umami Burger yet? If you haven't, you MUUUUUSSSST!!! OH MY EFFING GAWD!

  2. sounds like a good workout! soaking oats for 2 days is hardcore! i usually just do overnight.

  3. very interesting. I was looking at your blog and it almost looks as though you are doing cross fit workouts? this is what my b.f. does which is what prompted the paleo/primal eating. it's definitely all about balance. we've been doing a lot of almond flour baked goods (elanaspantry.com is awesome for this) and trying to do meat with veggies for dinner (no carb). It's definitely hard though. I think I have decided that I will focus on limiting my carbs but not eliminating them, at least for now!