Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's workout is brought to you by Quaker Oats

AND THEY totally MADE the workout.

Treadmill doom preceded by:

(Is it crazy to say that I had even more time to savor my oats because i woke up at 3:45 am and not with my alarm?

Thank you tiny bladder. Thank you..

Bike + Shabanu. Good book.



DELUGE OF QUAKER OAT SQUARES. I love these things. I"m not ashamed to a)put how much i eat of them on there, and b) ADMIT that i had like another 1/2 bowl afterwards. just for luck you know.

8X200 m 1 minute recovery. UH I ROCKED IT, average all the splits- 6:48/mil!


5X15 glute ham situps
4X6 deadlift 65#
6 neg pullups
7 dips at 7 assistance, 6 at 6, 5 at 5, 4 at 4 (quivery)
3X 10 crunch, 10 double crunch, 10 reverse crunch, 10 figure 4 on each side
3 X 12 pushups
3X15 inverted row
4X4 45# squat =D
5X5 25 # push press
12, 10, 8, 6, 12 skull crusher at 30#

AWESOME. fueled by awesome. Nice to NOT have stomach growl. sometimes you just need a LOT of food to get you going.

Home (D high fived me in the gym and totally watched me workout. AWKS!)

Home to eat this!

Yogurt, flax, cinnamon, 10 strawberries, 1/2 nectarine, and kabocha. milk too.

MM good.
Then 12-2 CRAZY rehabbing athletes.

CRAZY! i was running around like a scalded cat!

Then home to eat lunch!

Tofu burrito made of tofu stirfry and tofu sauteed with green onions (sadly this repeated itself) and bell pepper and 1/4 nectarine. milk to drink.

Then study and talk to an old friend and message D since he was bored.

Then client at 5:30. Whoooped her ass for an hour. fun times.

Late dinner:

Tofu (see it repeated itself. -__-) broccoli, and egg and milk and tortilla. =D

Now i'm going to finish my AT stuff, reading blogs, and chill. I tired. =D

OH! So....is this interesting?

i was rehabbing this athlete and he was trying to guess what type of asian i am (taiwanese) and he's like you're not korean, since your eyes are different, they're beautiful but not korean I THINK I HEARD him say that (i wasn't about to be like repeat that please so i can tell my sole reader on my blog) it took him forever to guess it. =D
He's nice. He was like, what's your homeland's like home food. mine is FRIED CHICKEN. me:uhhh is there food for my country? hmmm. but then i was like, i'm from louisiana, so FRIED CHICKEN IS MY HOME FOOD.


=D i dig oysters rockefeller.

is it sad to say that i'm excited to eat quaker oats tomorrow? =D

happy tuesday!


  1. haha am i your sole reader?
    i LOVE quaker oatmeal squares!! they ROCK HARDCORE!!!

  2. mmmm quaker oat squares are so addicting!

  3. yeah, you're definitely not korean, I saw your pic on facebook. That is so sweet that he said your eyes are beautiful! But hey...Korean eyes can be beautiful too...>.< tee hee he!

    Oh, and totally lmao here: running around like a scalded cat!!1 HHAHAHAHAHAH!!

  4. omg...GRRR!!!! GET WORDPRESSS!!! Blogspot SUCKS it took me like 29934 tries to send that comment and it's gonna take me another 29934 tries to get this one in, so you know I'm SERIOUS!!!

  5. I love that he told you his homeland's food is fried chicken. Oh and your eyes are beautiful! Who is this Don Juan?

  6. I haven't grubbed on Oatmeal in months. I just indulge tomorrow. Way to go on those 200m sprints.