Friday, September 25, 2009

Honey~ I shrunk...

the cereal?

3:50 Am Roll out! AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT! eat some food/cereal drink.

Hit up treadmill. Hit up bike.




CEREAL! YESH! CEREAL! but it was less than a cup- thus the YOU SHRUNK?!
no deluge in the bowl. The plum was awesome tho!

2X10 minutes, 2 minute recovery
1.17 mile, 1.19 mile, average 8:39/mile.

went light today, heavy tomorrow (also i met this really sweet frosh at UCLA who was really grateful to me showing her around) and i saw someone from my church we gossip about, and I RAN into D (rather, D ran into me kept bumping me and all the meatheads are like?! wtf?)

6X6 45# deadlifts
5X10 glute ham situps
4X dips 34# assisted
Some crunches, some pushups. very light. my abs are a bit sore. yay!

Then I got a ride from D, so kind =D and then went home to eat this

Yogut, Peach, kabocha, milk. flax and cinnamon to cover

Then to Ranch 99 to pick up tofu! and Costco for eggs, meds, and strawberries!

Home (HUNGRY!)

BEAN BURRITO! (yeah, i missed it for one day, and i needed something quick) and cauliflower and kabocha. Yum yum.

Gaseous deliciousness.

Then, sit in Ralphs and watch mom get flu shot. Sit in traffic to Pick up sister. Sit in traffic to go home. Get home and sort through 300+ google reads.....and watch Chef Vs CIty! =D





and milk. it was good hearty food! =D

I look forward to making tofu stirfry burritos!

Now i'm just studying some organic chem (BLEH! isomers!) and hopefully will watch some tv. =D

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  1. LOL! Burritos again! You are burrito QUEEN! Darn, I thought those cauliflowers were mantous! Haha, they look like them, don't they? Man, I miss a good mantou!

    and did not know you go to church too! YAY!