Sunday, September 20, 2009


Treadmill climb preceded by fiber one bar leftover and cereal drink sips.

Then i just walked up a big big hill. no sprinting, testing my hypothesis.

Bike to follow. =D

Then i studied, and then ate this to FUEL UP!

PB AND J LARABAR! and pb on a plum. =D

Thoughts on the PB and J larabar. The J part of the PB and J was very prominent, and okay, but the peanut butter taste was not as apparent. I guess i was waiting for like PEANUTTTT like in peanut butter. But it wasn't BAD. I just like CCP larabar better. =)

Then drove to school to do this:
35 minute TT 4.05 miles, 8:39/mile. DAMN! That was hard.
I was a hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot mess (to quote cobra starship. i love this song HOT MESS) coz i was.
Walked back to campus all sweaty, and then did this:

5X10 glute ham situps
4X4 30# squat (not bad! I could up it)
5X5 25 # push press
3X10 inverted row
3X10 pushups, reverse crunch
6X6 12.5 side plank with row
3X10 back extensions (HI ALLIE! (she popped up))
supine tricep side extension 12, 10, 8, 6, 12 with 5 lb dumbbell

Then it was weird, i was really really sick after the run (makes sense, i was running faster than i usually do crazy!) and then i got REALLY hungry. Made this:

PB PEACH JAR! (yum yum) celery bits, and rest of peach and kabocha and GREEK YOGURT!
It was delicious.

Then I worked at MCAT and AT and watched some tv.


Tofu sheets, 3 egg whites, plum and celery. I was goddamn hungry (from the running!?) so i devoured this. Then went back to read...then nappy.

Woke up, read some more, surfed the web.........
and then ate:

Heaven. Yes, a repeat, but when it's this good, you eat it again and again and again.
But Tra does not live by Bean burrito alone: she has to have it with

A little bit of napa cabbage (made it a little salty, junked it) and Kabocha.

A delicious dinner.

Now it's LOVE SONGSSSSSSSS and AT training stuff......and maybe watching GLEE. =D
How was your sunday/weekend?

Oh so D liked my macbeth quote so much that he said:
Oh my God marry me I love the romantic period with all the dark deception and heroism. Yea yeah

uhhh HAHHA?
Tomorrow is CLASS . BOO HOO. =(


  1. i finally have a pb&j larabar, but haven't tried it yet! I can't wait to eat it- I've heard good and okay things about it, so I'm excited to see if I like it.

    i hope you have a good day!

  2. That's the 2nd time someone mentioned "Tofu" today. Never tried it. Is this a sign??

  3. PB on a plum?!?! I've never even thought of that before - but I have to say - that's pretty darn smart! :)

    Is there anythign that PB DOESN'T go with? :)

  4. lol, that was funny what D said.
    What is CCP larabar?