Saturday, September 26, 2009

nuts over laras

Treadmill snack of champions:


Bike with 50/50 by Dean Karnazes.

Rest....then since NO Running:

Lifting snack:

A NUTTY PECAN PIE LARABAR! Delicious. Last plum

Went to school, walked for 1 hr and then

3X10 inverted row
3X10 Back extension
4X4 60 deadlift, 5th and last set to failure- 8 reps
4X4 40# squat =D
50 situps in as few sets as possible: 21, 10, 19
3X10 on each side figure 4 crunch
50 pushups in a few sets as possible: 13, 12, 15, 16
went home because i was sweaty! I actually got sweaty lifting! awesome.

Post workout:

Peach, container last bits of yogurt, water, strawberries, and kabocha. mmm good.

then we went to Topanga canyon so i could shop/xchange a tank top at Hollister, and buy some stuff at Target for sister.

Home after like HOURS (i got HANGRY!)

NO. this is NOT a bean burrito. REPEAT, this is not a bean burrito. It's tofu stirfry in a wrap with cauliflower on the side. mmm good.

Then like 2 hour nap. Yum.


tortilla, tea egg, green beans, tofu. SOOOOO DELICIOUS.

Then i went to LAVC to help the athletic trainers are the football game 7-9. i just filled TONS of water bottles. Then me and mommy went to ralphs to get some nice organic milk and i picked up 5 larabars- 2 apple pi, and 3 lemon bar. =D

Now i'm going to relax with google reader and tv. =D


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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog--it led me to yours! Wow, you're a gym badass! I'm getting back into a serious weight routine after a bit of a break (crazy summer). Currently I'm doing this workout, with a few extra isolations thrown in:

    It kicks my ass, in the best way possible!