Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geometric Goodness

That's what i think of when i think of SHREDDED OATS. Wow.

I woke up sooo hungry and after downing the cereal drink and doing the treadmill and bike i was still ravenous. I chilled around (gym opens later on weekends and holidays) and then DOVE INTO THIS!

Yes. that is a DELUGE of cereal, Barbara's bakery Shredded oats. ORIGINAL. I'm sad the box is almost gone...but that's good on the primal/no processed food front....

This fueled (partially, i actually got LIGHTHEADED)
1.88 mile run (more than half was HIGH STEEP UPHILL.) hot damn. 9:08 pace. damn hill.

Then like 35 minute walk around westwood waiting for gym to open.

Gym time:
6X6 deadlift 45# bar
5X10 backextension
3X6 dips assisted
6 negative pullups
50 situps
30 pushups on stability ball
6X6 25# push press
5X5 25# deep squat. (hurt like hell)
3X6 inverted row
10 ball pikes

Home to eat:

yogurt, milk, tiny bit of salvaged peach (it was rotting from inside out!) 2 pluots and celery. grapes not eaten.

Studied, watched man v. food...crazy show...talked to both sisters and mom and then ate lunch at 2:15

last bit of curry chicken (flavor concentrated so much it was SOOOO salty i had to junk the rest of it) nectarine YUM YUM, and celery stick. Milk as drink.

Then i DIDN"T NAP! hooray! i watched a bunch of tv from 3-5, studied and stuff like that, cleaned and vacuumed my room too!
Dinner: i was getting tired, but didn't know if i was hungry, but i thought it'd be better to eat something before i got ravenous:

thought i'd spare you cabbage and eggs, so here is A TRADER JOE'S bean and corn enchilada. these are the BOMB! i like lick the sauce it's that good. Green grapes on the side. yum yum.

Now i think i'll just chill around, rest, maybe do more studying/cleaning. I'm hoping to tire myself out because i honestly haven't been sleeping that well! =(

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  1. I love those shredded squares as well! I use to be a major addict ;) Aww- I hope you get in some good rest