Sunday, September 6, 2009


YAY i had oats today and they didn't blow up in my face! HOORAY! =D

cereal drink, treadmill climb, bike, and then walk outside around the neighborhood. Rest day from running today.


Does anyone ever feel like sometimes you get full really fast and feel a little bloated because you're eating when you just want to sleep? i feel that way right now.


Yogurt, 1/4 cup oats that LISTENED TO ME, nectarine and pluot. Cinnamon to cover. =D
Drink: ALMOND MILK + MILK! wow, almond milk is so nutty. CRAZY.
check out the crazy reading material on my breakfast/eating table. BIOCHEMISTRY?! CROSSWORD DICTIONARY? yes, that is how tray's house rolls. We are all of the health professions/majors.


Then church where i helped my mom cook for 33 people. WOw, cooking is a workout. In between boiling cabbage and reheating chicken drumsticks, I went to A&F and got a pair of cute shorts. I LOVE shorts. =D it doesn't hurt that i apparently got cute legs. LOL.

Lunch at home:

cabbage dish from church, awesome with shitake shrooms and fishballs and a savory broth
and TOFU mummy. =D almond milk and milk on the side.

Rest. Nap. Study. Rest. That is what went down.

Din DIN!

TORTILLA HAT! (you fold it in half like so it's a half circle with the circle round edge on the bottom. Then you fold in half taking care to flip up one of the ends so there is lip. =D then you admire your work, take pictures, coo about it, and then roll up porkchops and tofu stirfry. and eat to your heart's content.


How is everyone enjoying their sunday? What does labor day hold for you? It holds hitting up the mall, and resting some more and filling out apps and studying for a test. i know, random!

Ohhhhh in OTHER news....
some guy that i met at in n out, does anyone remember that? in august, facebook walled me and was like, so when we watching a movie? LOL.


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  1. Thanks for the comment :)

    I was also excited when I finally figured out how to make oats without having the bowl melt in the microwave! (Solution: stop using disposable bowls. Duh.)

    Crosswords all the way!! :)

    <3 <3