Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dates, Almonds, Dried Shredded coconut = BLISS

Dates + Almonds + Dried Shredded Coconut + HEAT => FOOD ORGASM

OMG. I love love the COCONUT CREAM PIE LARABAR. I'm sorry I didn't eat you for sooo long.

Treadmill was preceded by some cereal drink, smattering of pb, and a bite of Fiber one bar. I then burned SERIOUS rubber on that treadmill with a whole bunch of light 30 second jogs at 7.5, 7.4 (can you believe that when i did this "intensity training 30 second on 90 off" 7.0 was way too fast? now i was like oooh too easy, this is just some warm up 30 seconders.
Then i did a couple at 9.4, 9.5 (better) and then found the best pace at 10.4. TOO BAD MY TREADMILL TAKES FOREVER TO REACH THAT LOL. but it was good. TOo bad my warmup running excitement totally killed my legs during the real run. More on that later.

Pre Workout Snackeroo:

Nectar of the Gods. Just kidding: A coconut cream pie larabar and a mealy gala apple. =D And some delicious pb. I"M ALMOST TO THE BOTTOM! YIKES!

Then to SCHOOL! TO RUN! and LIFT (yes, i KNOW i am using !!! a lot. GET OVER IT! =D)
3X5 minute maximal effort, 3 minute recovery
First wasn't so good, second was good, third, meh. I really need to NOT run hard sprints before sprinting. Well we all learn.

After sweating buckets and walking back to the gym, I then was soo pooped that i just did this:
warmup deadlifts 6? with 45#
5X 3 55# deadlifts
4X4 assisted dips at level 7 (34 # assisted)
50 Situps in sets of 10 supersetted with 10 crunches
30 pushups
6X6 30# skull crushers

Then i chatted with Allie and Seth, and then went home (isn't it weird, i felt soo sick (probably too much pb pre run) but then HUNGER HIT LIKE A ROCK!)
and fixed this:

Yogurt, PEACH! Kabocha, and celery and pb. VERY FILLING.

Then hoofed to the mall BUT I FORGOT the shirt i was to exchange.....but i bought my sister two shirts for her to choose from. I took pictures. HAHH. She was very grateful. I"M AN AWESOME LIL SIS RIGHT!?

Then home to eat this:

That delicious chicken with half covered in oats, and then celery, apple, and green beans. YUM. Primal and DELICIOUS. I think...the chicken NEEDED SOME KETCHUP. Must try again with more mustard and more ketchup. =D

then I did the damn thing (i.e. work.) emailed a certain someone when we should have been studying...and then slept from 4-5:45. Did some more stuff, and then stood torn for dinner, which then was OBVIOUS because i wanted this:

Trayn Harder Bean Burrito.
Nom nom. Sophia of Burp and Slurp kindly reminded me that Kabocha is NOT a grain, and while i ate a ton, i need some whole grains in my life too! Primal/Paleo is okay with SOME light amounts of grains, and dude, it was AWESOME in a burrito. TOTAL hand food. =D
Kabocha on the side. YUM YUM. =D

Now i'm just resting watching DIRTY JOBS WHO LOVES MIKE ROWE?! HE IS THE BEST!
and also, D was like, you seemed off this week, and offered a shoulder to lean on. it was nice. I almost cried. I've been under a lot of stress, and not that happy this week. =( so hopefully it'll all be better. tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow/ creeps in this petty pace from day to day,/To the last syllable of recorded time...

props if you know what i'm quoting!

HAPPY SATURDAY ALL! It's a brand new day tomorrow and I know it's gonna be better.

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  1. i got SO excited when i read dates in your title!! i was like, "omg, she realized the joys of dried fruit!!!". then i realized its only in larabar form :P

    (and yeah, coconut cream pie = best. larabar. ever)...did you try pb&j yet???

    the quote = hamlet? macbeth? some kind of shakespeare??? my, arent we FANCAY ;)