Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can't go wrong with a Classic Combo

Look familiar? Yes, this pre treadmill snack was OATMEAL! 1/3 cup. =D oh and some dried cranberries. Meh, still NOT lovin dried fruit. I know, sacrilege.

After that hike uphill, then i biked, and then i rested. Studied (test tomorrow)
and then ate this!

Yup, that old skool combo known as

PB AND J! (but in the form of an all too delicious LARABAR!!!!!)
I guess it's OKAY. I was wishing it wasn't finished soooo much..but i think i'll stick to the coconut and ginger snap one and cocoa mole...the cherries were very big in this one and this bar was UBER crumbly. Peanuts everywhere!

Plum on the side. I ate the plum first. OF COURSE.

Then since i wasn't running, i called my sister to make sure she was awake (i'm the early bird, getting up at 4 am or earlier, everyone in my family relies on me to give wake the f up calls =D are any of you like that too? personal alarm clocks?)

Hoofed it to the gym where I ran into D and R. (r is the guy that calls me Bones. )

I did this:
80 pushups (first i banged out 20 in like 30 seconds? then did as many as i could fast and properly in sets)
CF workout: Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
so mine went like this: 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 75, 75. SIGH. can't get any higher. OH well i'll get there.
then after D high fived me / said WAKE UP coz i looked tired (folks, i only got 3 hours last night)
6 negative pullups
3X5 dips 34 lbs assisted
4X7 side plank with 17.5 row via cable
5X5 25#push press
3 circuits of 10 crunches, 10 double crunch, 10 reverse crunch
4X4 35# squat =D

then i went home. chatted with my sister until i got uber hungry.

made this:

yogurt! in a container! with a peach and kabocha on the side. milk to drink. cinnamonnnnn

Then time to volunteer/lab at Valley College's AT room.
12-2. Fun times. Ran to Jon's to pick up a bunch of peaches. Stomach growling (LOOK MY APPETITE IS BACK!)

Quickly whipped up a quickie:

THBB (trayn harder bean burrito) and napa. YUM MO.
STUDY DUDDYYYY for the test. I screwed.


3 egg whites, napa, and KABOCHAAAAAAAAAAA. =D

I make extra at dinner to have for breakfast! =D

Now it's time to crank it down, look at blogs and study at the same time and hit up the tube. pray i get enough sleep and my hip flexor isn't soo aggravated and i can run tomorrow! =D

Peace out i'm out like trout


  1. girl, you're crazy! You need to tone down on the workouts! Once a day is plenty enough!

    By the way, you study and blog at the same time? You're my hero.

  2. haha i guess you could say that :)
    im jealous of your kabocha! i cant find any around here :(

  3. Your push up game is on FIRE! Lovin' it. (and no, I can't do that many)

  4. i wish i could do more than 5 pushups. i swear you're a machine :)

  5. well i don't know of any around town! :( stupid omaha!