Thursday, September 3, 2009

An apple pie a day......


One more day til the weekend! This lil' mama is ready for the weekend. Apparently that is my new name according to D. I am Lil' mama. Uhhhhh okay. =/
Cereal drink, treadmill climb, then....

APPLE PIE LARABAR and PLUOT! (bar microwaved, of course. and savored like fine wine...)

90 seconds on, 90 seconds off X6. Uhhhh average pace? 6:55 /mile! DAMN i sprinted that like nobody's biz! I remember thinking i HOPE i'm going fast, i feel kinda sluggish and slow and like this is extremely hard!

20 decline situps
50 glute ham situps
50 back extensions
50 swiss ball pikes
50 45#deadlifts
Wow. After those deadlifts I was kinda trembly. Then i met my friend D, and then he escorted me out. I was like, ehhhh i'll do more tomorrow. But if you think about it, that was kinda of a lot.
Tomorrow is pushup and squat day.


Kabocha on a nice plate aka the yogurt quart lid, and a peach and 4 strawberries with yogurt. Soy milk cow milk mixture in microwave.

Then :
bank, cvs, vons, bea's bakery, jon's and then home. =D


tofu stirfry burrito (the last! i promise. it's just like crack!) kabocha and brussel sprouts. With milk. both soy and cow.

Then studied my arse off...and napped for 30 minutes.... then dinner:

2 braised drumsticks, and cauliflower. Tortilla and milk in microwave. =D

Then we went to Ralphs to get more's cooking for church, so she needs to make a lot. I'll go help her after i finish posting!

Might watch jeopardy later and tackle cellular respiration again. ugh....
I might hang out with him D saturday....he texted me 3 times in teh span of an hour asking what i was doing......and this morning, after yesterday when i said i woke up at 4 am, he texted this morning wake up lil mama. it's a brand new day. lol. i didn't get it until i saw him in teh gym becuase i didn't check my phone and i was running my amazing sprints. when he left me he was like CHECK YOUR PHONE.....i see why.

=/ he's interesting. an older guy, but very ....interesting..

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