Monday, August 31, 2009

Pete, repeat.

Kinda in a weird mood because I got in a fight with my mom about eating turkey. Sigh. I guess i'm being annoying again. Coming from an ED you still stick with little eating quirks. I didn't feel like eating the turkey, and told her so, and she blew up in my face. =(

let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to starrrrt. (do re re mi...)

cereal drink. (tomorrow is something different!)


Bike with Anne of the Island

Pre workout snack:
Peanut butter and peach. does this look familiar? yes, pete repeat.

It was delish. Then: 9 minute time trial. 1.16 miles. .01 miles more than last time. IMPROVEMENT!


Yogurt container mess! =D of a nectarine, plum, 5 strawberries. 4 mini stalks of celery. Yum. And soymilk.

Didn't finish the yogurt at the end (1/4 cup). Got too full. and nervous for my community college class. Enter community college class.
an hour of driving to find a metrolink station, and pavilions to buy a shit load of kashi cereal....FOR MY SISTER AND DAD! (not me, i'm on the no cereal kick, remember?)

Lunch ( i was hungry!)

Stirfried tofu and celery burrito. With brussel sprouts on the side. To drink? mix of soy milk and milk. fat free. I'm switching to regular milk as i'm going primal/paleo/clean. =D

Rested, then studied. Then 3 hour nap. Whoa. woke up like i was in a dream. was i?

Dinner that spawned the cold war/fight.

sliced turkey, romaine that's been cut off, half half (soy and cow)

now i'm just chilling, going to study again.
OH! i did some crunches today. gym time tomorrow. i think i did like 20+ regular, 20 bike, 20 reverse. very low key.

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