Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ain't nuttin' but a chicken wing.

Cereal Drink. Treadmill walk.

Pre workout snackeroo:

Then 90 seconds on 90 seconds off, X6. Whew!

Then time to shovel down breakfast despite not being THAT hungry (never doing this again.)
WHITE PEACH! SOYMILK! and sliced turkey, and kabocha. LAST NEW BREAKFAST! I did it!
Lost my creativity near the end tho!

Then mom and I headed out to Costco, Jon's, Walgreens to pick up necessities like soymilk, drugs, and celery, peaches, etc. etc. =D

Then i watched fast food with Robin Miller (her eyes scare me!) and then napped.

I woke up at like 1pm, then figured i had to eat before I trained my client (who ended up standing me up! WHAT A )#%(*#)%)
I made a chicken burrito and had kabocha. After I ate this, I have no idea, I almost felt like throwing up. I blame the chicken. I told my mom, no more chicken! AIGH. I have never felt so sick!

Then to ucla where my client stood me up. Then I went to the bank to deposit and withdraw money. It ended up negative, if you were wondering.

Then home, where i chatted with my sister and did some reading of the blogs.

Opo! Tofu sheets, soymilk, and a tea egg. Aren't those purty!?

Now it's jeopardy, so i'll peace out. Oh yeah, i did 130 situps. i iz hard core.


  1. aw, sorry abt the bad day...Why did the chicken make you feel like you're gonna throw up? Was it bad? Or maybe the kabocha?
    Stupid client. It better have been a good excuse.
    Btw, LA blogger meet-up on SAt....let me know if you can make it, it's gonna be downtown near USC though...

  2. Hey! I'm glad you're with me on the gym stuff. It can get pretty bad!

    You can use fat free yogurt, won't be as rich but it's not really noticable!

  3. Hey Tra! I've been running into a lot of RD's, nutritionists and fitness trainers lately in blogs! It's awesome because I share so much in common in regards to fitness and nutrition with you guys.

    The tikka masala recipe I posted doesn't use Japanese curry blocks (although...I hate to say it but...they're pretty good. You make your own curry sauce using fresh ingredients and you can substitute any type of protein for it!