Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yes, this has something to do with my pre workout snack- run rest day!

First: cereal drink:

Then....treadmill, bike time (reading jane eyre. ahhh what a nice read.)

Then preworkout snackeroo

BANANABREAD LARA BAR (microwaved 30 sec. it tastes like A HOT PIECE OF BB!) and a plum. yum yum.

Then I met my friend that calls me bones, and he helped me perfect my lifting technique on the press, deadlift,and back squat. Here are my stats that I will basically erase when the technique clicks with me (you can bet your bottom dollar i'm practicing this now as my workout.)

45 lb press
75 lb deadlift
55 lb squat (going BEYOND parallel, that's where i fail.)

Of course, I"ll get better, he says and that makes me pleased. He's such a nice dude. me likey.
Then, he left to take a nappy and I did

3X10 decline sit ups
3X10 glute ham sit ups
3X10 ball pikes

Then drove home to eat:

hot soymilk
4 egg whites (probably only needed three)
4 tiny brussel sprouts
1 carrot (the carrot i declined to eat yesterday)
1 pluot, sliced.
Yes i know that it's not december, but who cares that i'm using a snowman plate. i love snowmen. I have a whole collection.

By the way, the kind people at PB LOCO responded to my plea for nutritional information:

(the only one i've ever tried, thanks to a giveaway!)
Ingredients: peanuts, sugar, palm oil(non hydrogenated), bananas, banana concentrate, and less than 2 percent of evaporated cane juice, salt, modified food starch, natural flavor and color from annatto
okay. then i watched sam the cooking guy, studied, watched ddds....then made lunch.

chicken burrito (was going to do the yogurt in a bowl, but my mom was waiting politely to make my lunch, this was faster.) brussel sprouts (5) i had a baby one! and soymilk. i peeled/shaved a carrot just in case, but WOW! i got full fast!

Then we headed out to Rite Aid, Walgreens, Ralphs. and the post office.
Came home, napped, and helped fix and eat dinner.

here we have, kabocha (i made this!) curry chicken in the other bowl and a tortilla. i rip off little bits of the tortilla so curry tortilla in every little bite.

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