Friday, August 28, 2009

sweet like apple pie.

CEREAL DRINK TO START THE DAY! =D they make me smile. probably because i burnt my lip on them multiple times. HELLO LEARNING CURVE? i dunno.

Then pre workout snackie! DELICIOUS!

Of course, the larabar stripped and got into the tanning salon known as the MICROWAVE. Helo radioactivity!

Run: 3 X of 20 seconds on, 1 minute off, 50 sec off, 40, 30, 20 10 seconds off. =D
(focused on correct form and upper body to get good for CF.
5X5 resistance 52 # pull up.
5X5 52 assistance dips
(supersetted, 10 second rest in between. that is key to me.)
3X15 pushups
3x15 decline situps
Then home (i thought i had to hurry. tomorrow might be a longer gym day because it's a rest from running and such. =D

Then I packed up breakfast and headed out to run some errands.
Breakfast: HUMONGOUS BEHEMOTH of a WHITE PEACH (my last one, tear tear. prepare to see lots of strawberries in the future!) and 3/4 cup of yogurt. in the CONTAINER. ME LOVES
Also (unpictured) 1.5 celery stalk. Plain. no pb this time honey.

Errands: noah's bagels for FREE BAGEL FRIDAY!, Ralphs, Fashion Square, Gelsons

Home, rested, then LUNCH at 1pm. I was HANGRY!

Here we have a burrito and broccoli and brussel sprouts and hot soymilk. All chillin by the cancer cube ahem i mean microwave since i heat my stuff up like 125987215 times. Can you guys guess what's the burrito filling today? =D

Then we headed out to pick up my sister from USC. WOW TRAFFIC is hell. Hell = going from downtown to the valley. At 5 pm. UGH! I watched a person in a car eat their lunch while driving. CAN ANYONE SAY ACCIDENT IN THE MAKIN?!

Then we chilled at home, watched Barefoot Contessa (FAH BUUUU LOUSSSSS) and then i helped her with organizing Pharm notecards. Ghetto PHAAA bulous.

Dinner was:

Me: a horizon sun of a tortilla, soy juice, tofu on the plate, a tea egg, and cauliflower. My mom and sister had something else. =D

Now i'm going to try to rest, chew some gum, and read, and then watch my taped Jeopardy because I hate commercials. YES I do. can't wait for some good lifting tomorrow! =D



  1. Yeah, traffic here is horrible...But I hope you'll still brave it to come meet us tomorrow! Pretty please?!! Let me know asap!!

  2. Hey girl thanks for entering the giveaway! What is this free bagel fridays at Noahs? Is that everywhere?!? I need to hit up some Noahs!

  3. Traffic is horrible in Southern CA! Although I have to admit that I eat a lot of meals while driving, due to time constraints.... So far no accidents. :)