Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I listen to Naaasssssss

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Whew! Hump day has finished.

Today was a weird day. I woke up at 3:45 am, and then proceeded to do my incline workout on the dreadmill. Fun times. Sweaty times. Then came the strength portion: (basically, what shit can i do in the 30 min before i have to leave? i can't wait to get in the gym again and do nice constructed weights workouts.) Strength was: 3X10 crunches, 3X10 pushups, 3X10 bike pushups, 4X8 double crunch, 3X21s with 5 lb weights. Simple. My triceps are still sore from monday.

First round for breakfast was 4 egg whites. Yum. Next came a couple of shaved carrots (i say shaved, yes, weird) and then yogurt mess. Deliciousness. NO comments from weird coworker because i took my yogurt mess and ran away to eat it in the comfort of my other friends who love how healthy i am (they like to poke fun at me, but they love me for who i am.)
For instance, my friend was eating a humongo Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip muffin, and wanted to get something out of her bag on her arm, so she gave it to me to hold. My other friend turned around and was like, you're eating THAT? what? and then the muffin's owner was like, no no, she's not, she's holding it. Other friend: whew, i would have thought you were taken over by aliens. lol.

Lunch was a little late, very hungry (no running today! rest!) it was a repeat of last nights din din, tofu, egg omelette wrapped in tofu with carrots and brocolli on the side. Ate too fast so felt bloated. I need to work on that. And erase fat feelings.

Then! I got to go to Nordstrom's Rack (HEAVEN for scavengers! WOO HOO!) and picked up a pair of union bay shorts and roxy tank top. The shorts were an issue. I could fit both X and Y sizes, but wanted to get X because it was a smaller size. I realized that that would not be good (the X size was also a little tighter) and I went with Y for the comfort. SCORE for me and not ED (ED would have been screaming that i was fat for X not falling off my hips and choosing Y)

By the way, I might be wrong, but maybe some of you are curious about the cereal drink I drink before workouts. I get it from 99 Ranch Market. Here is the product:
Vanilla is AWESOME. So is chocolate. Haven't tried strawberry, so i wouldn't know.
Usually I microwave it so it's like oaty goodness. Oh gosh, yum yum.

OH! and kickback to why I titled this post I listen to NAHHHHSSS.
You know the rapper NAS? Yeah, that's what I was saying.
I am giving a blank cd to a friend to make me a mix of music for working out to/just bangin listening to. He asked what i listened to and i said, "I listen to NAS, but I said the "a" nasally, like "ass". Apparently it is pronounced NAH, like AH, as in AHA!. Everyone cracked up. =D
Then we got in a great big discussion about how Kanye West is not cool to listen at 7:30 AM. We are an awesome group of people.

Dinner appears to be porkchops (hahha i typed pockchops) and greenbeans (i don't really like corn which my mom boiled, so i'm cooking up some canned green beans which i can also bring to work tomorrow for breakfast) and tortilla and hot soymilk. yum yum.

Anyone have any recommendations for almond butter- that is a reasonable price? and do you pour the oil off? it's kinda weird. refrigeration?


  1. so i just finished my first serving of almond was pretty good - for 0 sodium - but not gonna lie, stll a pb girl. my brand was MaraNatha, and got a huugeass jar from costco <3 and yea my jar say to refrigerate upon opening...i just stir the oils back in tho :P

    omg NAS! i get made fun of by my friends for being a "wigger" :P but hello, hip hop is dead? best evarrr

    ps im completely jealous of your workout sched..i'd pass out and die if i ever attempted that ;P

    take care love xxizzy.

  2. Oh my God. My dear, DON'T pour the oil off. You need it. Otherwise the AB will be so dry and tasteless.
    And good job on the score against ED.