Monday, August 10, 2009


Does anyone else HATE mondays? I just wanted to sit down and cry today. Yes, it was that bad.
Eating wise, not so sure, but it was okay.

4 am, 80 cals of a cereal drink, some yogurt, and treadmill incline workout. Sweat pours afterwards. Then some baked tofu from last night- totally crack.

4 egg whites, carrot pieces, yogurt mess, then home. pre run snack: ALMOND BUTTER SAMPLE from Barney butter on 80 cal tortilla, half a dark chocolate quaker bar, and some yog and tofu. that stuff is seriously addictive. Crazy CFE run. Sweat pours AGAIN. Walk home dripping, and then rest, and then fix post workout meal: tofu (yes i know i'm sooo in a rut but it's delicious, egg, and broccoli. and water. WHEW!) dinner might be curry chicken, i have no idea because i KINDA ate all the carrots. OOPS.

Thoughts on BARNEY butter: not impressed. tasted....interesting. Not a BIG BIG fan. Might have to try a non-name brand butter. Sorry peeps. maybe i just didn't get enough.

not much chatting with seth, so a little depressing. and i almost died by getting hit in the head by a flying hockey stick. WHOA. not what i needed. and then got smack talked by one of my counselors/coordinators i oversee. what a @#*%&@#(*@#%.
AHHH i hate cingular for charging for INCOMING texts as well as outgoing texts. WAY TO BE SNEAKY! ARGH!

also, in other news, i almost died by a hockey stick hitting my head (it hit a mirror above me and the mirror cracked. WOW.)

near death experience to the MAX!
hopefully today goes by better. ugh, sorry about the lame post, but today has been A DAY.
tomorrow i'm going to try almond barney butter again and see if i REALLY just don't feel that brand.
OH! i found the giveaway!

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  1. know I used to HATE Mondays. And then I got fed up with how pissy I was every single Monday, that now I make it Good Mood Monday. I literally force myself to be cheerful. And I write down several things I'm thankful for. Check out yesterday's morning post on my blog to see :)