Friday, August 7, 2009

Seth is hilarious.


It's Friday! I am SOO happy it's friday, today was a hell day at work. And somehow my plantar fascia is bothering me. Time to watch that sucker and not strain it! I've been massaging it and rolling it out, and taking advil. I will seriously take a couple of rest days if need be.

So rewind to this morning. Cereal drink (80 cal) incline walking for an hour. Then at work 4 egg whites (Yum yum.) and a couple pieces of carrot. Follow it up with a baggie of leftover chicken tenders, cauliflower, and 2 plums and a strawberry.
Pre workout snack: 2 cereal drinks plus yogurt, and then post? yogurt and a yellow kiwi and 3 strawberries. Delicious covered in cinnamon.
Me and mamma Trayn went off to costco for essentials: tortillas, kidney beans, night lights, eggs, and contact solution. fun times.
Dinner today was leftovers: porkchops and cabbage for me, wrapped in a tortilla, my mom had like mabo do fu made with shrimp over rice. woo woo.

Run: 9 minute distance trial: 1.11 miles i think, pace: 8:11/mile
Strength training today:
4 sets of
10 bike crunch, 10 frog sit ups, 10 double crunch, 10 regular crunch, and v hold with 20 arm pulses

12, 10, 8, 6, 12 reps of 5 lb tricep extension
3X6 of lateral raise with 5 lb, 3X10 shoulder press with 5#, front raise 6X6 with 5#

Today was an interesting day. Seth was interested in seeing Victoria sparklepants (a little boy we chatted about) and he bet that he would be able to point him out in a SECOND. So today was the day. We chatted about that when i picked up the times seeing people smile at 6 in the morning. When i got back after drop off of the kiddies, he let me into the gym and i was like, um, HE went by. Seth: NO WAY! I WASN"T PAYING ATTENTION! Me: you lost your chance!

Later, like 9:00 i was like, he's upstairs. Seth: DAMN i'm not supe today, so i can't walk around. Me: What time you get off? Seth: 9:30. Me: come find me, he'll be up there and i'll take you there.

So....a bunch of issues go by (taking kids to their respective camps, signing in parents, giving things to each camp) and it's 9:30 ishhhh and i meet him coming to the office. And I"m like, you ready? YOU READY? Seth: YEAH! I'm going to be like YOU! VICTORIA! me: uhh not a good idea. just tell me which one.

So...we walk up the stairs and he's telling me how tired he is, did laundry at 4 am. he apparently has no wardrobe...other than workout clothes. We bonded because THAT"S ALL I OWN TOO!
He was telling me how it gets him out of going to formal family functions...and i thought that was smart. So we pop up to the kid's camp and they're going to snack. Seth: this is HARDER than i thought! but.....he goes...the kid. in red. or is the kid in blue. which one? seth: the kid in red. for sure. Me: (turns to look right at him) OMG YOU GOT IT
Seth: SMILES really big. I TOLD YOU
funniness at 9:40 am.
I walked back with him and we talked about workouts, and i asked what he was up to. I said i'd be lifting over the weekend: seth: that's my rest days. but i go eat like 1500-2000 should come tag along *smile. Me: going into another classroom: FOR SURE!

i hope he wasn't kidding about that...

so YAY! I've cracked the reserved seth! =D kinda sad he opened up JUST when camp is about to end. But hopefully I'll see him when i go workout in the mornings (YAY I GET TO DO MORE MORNING WORKOUTS INSTEAD OF WORKING!)

thanks for reading that long and involved paragraph. lol.
in other news....what's up with this friend of mine that keeps texting me random lyrics? to a song. strange. i don't get it. he kept me company while i was running around.

Tomorrow i'm helping out my athletic trainer friend and doing team physicals only for a half day because THIS GIRL NEEDS to recharge. Sunday I have a hang out with an old friend. kinda nervous about that. what are we going to talk about!?

still haven't bought my pb/almond butter! aiyah. lol. and going strong on the cereal front. my mom bought me some post shredded wheat which will be saved for september! it's pretty clean: ingredients: whole wheat. LOL!
have a good weekend peeps!


  1. haha I think your friend with the song lyrics likes you :)

    hope you get pb soon! have fun tomorrow :)

  2. you think so? he sends texts of song lyrics and goes like we should go get breakfast or something...slash go see RENT or something...he made fun of my "bed head" today.

  3. Sorry to hear about your plantar fasciitis!

    Can't go without pb/ab for too long now ;)