Monday, August 24, 2009

'Kay, rot be attacking my fruit!

No picture of the cereal drink I ALWAYS have. It's a staple in my diet. Next challenge- eating something else! =D

I did the fiber one bowl before a treadmill walk last month, and my stomach and body didn't like the vast amount of aspartame it was ingesting. Fake, i tell you, is not good. Although....A LOT OF CLEANING OF THE PIPES, if you know what i'm saying...

Then, since i had a podiatrist appointment at 830 am, had to make sure i finished my run outside around the house with time to spare. WOOO...

Pre run Snackeroo: (could you guess by the title?)

PLUM! (rotting inside, whew, )
and Carrot...and PEANUT BUTTER. Carrots and peanut butter are not too shabby! I have to get used to no salt in this pb.'s not too shabby. Natural pb is SOO different than say, Jif, or Pb LOCO (this has sugar and oil? i think in it.)

I can't find the nutritionals. sorry.

Anyways, this was ingested at 6:15 AM. Run til 7:00 am (8X200 m 1 minute recovery)
Appt, Walgreens, Korean market then home. Ate this breakfast at 10:15 AM. Wow. nut butter you are AWESOME!

Different breakfast!
Oats, yogurt, pluot, humongo white peach, crunchy, and 3 grapes. cinnamon to top.

yes, i counted those grapes. Soymilk is not pictured- probably because i was heating it up like 124098120958125 times! lol

After taking my dad to LAX, I came home to some grub!

Carrot which i didn't eat, brussel sprouts microwave steamed, leftover beans!, and leftover tofu! and soymilk. =D

LOL i just found a picture my dad took ( i leave the camera on the table i eat at so i remember to take a picture of my eatz.)

He had two pieces of meaty lobster. LOL. how cute he took a picture of his lunch.

Rested, and then crossfitted, trayn style.
20 minutes: do as many rounds of
5 squats, 10 pushups, 15 sit ups (froggie style)
I did 9. I would have done more, but somehow i got the most MASSIVE headache! UGH THANKS A LOT BODY.
So at 4 pm i attempted to sleep that shizit off.

then i got a package! i'll open it later!


Chicken sauteed marinated in thyme and lemon, green beans sauteed with garlic cooked earlier in the day, tortilla, soymilk:



  1. how cute that he took a picture :)

  2. hey girl! thanks for comin to check out my blog!!! so happy that i came and checked yours out too! Can't wait to read more!

    hope your having a super day! :)