Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pluot-ed through a hard hill sprint workout...

Pluot and Nectarine. Didn't take a picture because...YOU KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!

Hill sprint tabata workout.

BLEH! I died. Worse than the awesome 5K i ran yesterday! 25:43! woo woot!

Came home, and lifted at home (save gas, save trees, go green!)

3X10 sit ups
3X10 bike crunch
6X10 pushup with row (5 lbs)
3X10 bicep curl 5#
6X6 lateral raise with 5#
3X10 Shoulder press 5# =D

Breakfast was

Hot soymilk in the snoopy mug, green beans in that tupperware, white peach in that bowl(that white peach was HUMONGOUS, and cannelini beans, cooked like THIS:

That's the spice mixture! curry powder, chili powder, cumin bubbling away in MY BEAN PAN. Seriously, it's mine. =D
I throw the beans and wait till it's all super saucy. quieres un tutorial? email me/comment.

Did you know that peach pits have almonds inside?
gotta go!


  1. Girl, you are super adventerous for including beans into your breakfast. Love it! :D