Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tofu = TOO FUN!

How you all doing?!

Yep, time for the daily bloggeroo!

Today was another chill day- no lifting at the gym, just heavy sets of pushups and situps abs and other fun stuff. All preceded by tabata hill sprints. I am blessed to live in a neighborhood consisting of HILLS HILLS AND what else? HILLS! and these aren't like little hills. These are like 12% incline hills. WHEW!

I drank two cereal drinks, supplemented by peanut butter and yogurt...then breakfasted on strawbs, bbs, and yogurt with oatmeal. Lunch was a chicken wrap with broccoli! and dinner, which i just had, was tofu wrap with green beans. Yes, confession: i love love love canned green beans! MUSHY and delicious.

The tofu is not plain although I do eat plain chunks of firm tofu: my mom first pan sears it, and then adds the whites of the green onions, water, soysauce to make a little salty sauce, white pepper, salt, and then the greens of the green onions. There is a system and timing to the addition of certain parts of the green onions. yes, it's complicated.

I also went to watch a kid production of Annie, Jr. Cute. Some kids can't act though, and that makes me sad.

Tomorrow I get to go to work for the camp and then right afterwards, I get to talk to my first client in like MONTHS! MONTHS I TELL YOU! I cannot wait to start training again other than training myself.

So about Hulk, since I totally didn't explain the situation beforehand.
Hulk is a 27 year camp counselor that I work with. Anyways, he was telling me that working out during sunset is the best. When do you guys work out? I was telling him that I love early morning running when the sun is rising and the air is cool and it's nice and quiet. I did text back (he texted re: sunset workouts) that I would try it. Apparently that comment was an attempt to ask me to workout with him. WHOOOPS. But he did say, we should do a chill blockbuster night. He likes "relaxin". =D LOL. I'm wondering if this will pan out. He did start out first saying, "i wanted to be the first to say the first official greeting. And I think you're cool". Cute. CUTE!

He's really big with basketball and is CRAZY athletic. The man has a HIGH vertical jump! Sheesh! he's just impressed that i like to lift and run. Apparently it's cool that i love being active and have a positive attitude. That was nice of him to say. VERY different from the last guy i hung out with who wanted to brag about the size of YES HE TEXTED ME THAT. i was

I didn't tell you guys before (i'll do a bigger post on my past) but I did get diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa...and during that time i pushed everyone away and didn't think myself worthy. Even now i have problems opening up to people and making plans to hang out. I kinda distance myself now and again. It's not healthy, so i'm glad that I do meet these kinds of people like hulk, who appreciate me for who i am.

Whew! That was way too deep! Time to be funny. Bleh i feel like 5 times bigger than i am. (gas...etc.) TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I might have a camera coming into my hands soon! my dad will let me borrow his. I'm kinda worried that summer is BASICALLY OVER! I have to go take a community college class now! HORRORS i have to study when all i want to do is run, and lift weights. I know, i'm SUCH a crazy person. =)

Now I'm off to watch Ms Marple (any one else LOVE agatha christie?) and take a well earned shower. Can't wait to run and lift tomorrow!


  1. Aw, thanks for opening up! That's a huge and positive step you made. You know we're always here to support you!
    And heh heh...NOT a fan of tofu...>.<

  2. ooo... i am an tofu super fan! sigh. i want the spicy tofu sooooo badly right now. with rice.

    Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.