Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jet, you have an...AURA


How you all doin' today?
Just finished up dinner: sauteed chicken marinated in lemon juice and thyme (it's based off a tyler florence recipe...i'll find it for you guys) cauliflower boiled in chicken broth, soymilk, tortilla and something like a tofu sheet: it's like a yuba sheet, i believe, a flattened sheet that is tofu. I'll try to take a picture of it so you can see it. It's quite tasty. My mom boils it in a savory broth of soy and sugar.

Breakfast was the same 4 egg whites, carrots (or ENERGY sticks as me and my coworkers call joke) and fruit yogurt mess. I came home and had some more cereal drinks, and yogurt and set off for 6X3 minute distance trials with varying recovery. WHEW! The hills killed my times but average pace was 8:49/mile.

Strength today involved sets of 10 pushups supersetted with bike crunches, double crunches, and regular crunches. =D Gym with weights this weekend FO SHO.

Post workout snackeroo: 6 pieces of leftover soy'd tofu from din din, and green beans. YUM.

Today was pretty chill, until my other coworker came in and started banging on counselors- saying they don't do jack shit around when in reality, it is he who does not do work, nor help out if we are understaffed. He just complains about having no staff. PLEASE.
None of the parents know him because he NEVER talks to parents. They always ask for me. Figures.

Has anyone ever dealt with trying to be nice/befriend someone that is EXTRA reserved and doesn't really open up/act friendly? Well I think I just did it!

Okay, so i'm the AM site coordinator at my camp: i show up early to get keys to open our office and then open other rooms. The whole summer, I've been checking out the keys from the building supervisor, a guy named Seth who NEVER TALKED AT ALL and who i pegged as a jackass the first time i met him because he hated on the bonding games our camp had him participate in. HOWEVER, after certain situations like me locking the keys inside office and me jamming the keys inside the office...somehow we have hit it off! I get weirded out by long silences and not saying anything to people i see on a daily basis, so i've been making small talk these past 8 weeks. I also know one of his coworkers so he listened/s in when i talk to his coworker..and started jumping in. He's a pretty reserved guy, but lately we've been chatting about the randomest stuff, like how i just eat celery sans peanut butter, working out, this weird boy who calls himself victoria sparklepants, and falling asleep in class. One of my counselor co workers knows him too, but only gets a head nod in recognition ON A GOOD DAY. He's surprised i've started to CRACK the shell of seth! =D He's a pretty cool guy. We have weird laughs. Sometimes he's quiet, and i respect that. I still smile big and wave hi.

Okay that was TOOO LONG of a tangent. LOL. OH! and remember hulk? today....he asked me to tell the other site coordinator something about leaving early, and i was like, sure, you know i got your back. he goes, Jet, i like you, you have this aura around you that is really great and draws people in.
That was amazing to hear for sure!

Alright, time to peace out and rest.I hope i can sleep despite taking an hour nap at 5 pm!


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  1. I used to be super shy and not really talk, and I always worried that I was giving off a bad impression -- but like I said, I was just shy! Good for you for continuing to try with your coworker. Sometimes it just takes a little extra effort :) And thanks for visiting my blog!