Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cereal Craver Caves.....seriously.

Yes. I had a big as bowl of cereal for a pre-run snack. Honey Clusters Fiber One.

This pushes back my NO cereal deadline to September 3rd (i'm extending it even longer!)

What have I learned?

a) this cereal tastes...funny.
b) too sweet
c) not as good as i remember. too processed?

Suffice it to say, not touching the other box of this one nor Fiber One twigs...after eating this bowl, i ran, but after I ran, stomach hurt. HMMM. Could be the I'm not used to it no more!

Well, despite the feelings of guilt that I should have eaten the Lara bar i set out and photographed....5 k- 25:43! SPEEDY! my last time was like 27 minutes, and the last 5 k race i did was 26:24. SWEET i'm getting faster.

Post workout was on the run: unphotographed chicken and a peach. Juicy and messy. Not the chicken, the peach.

Just finished up my unphotographed lunch- i'm not used to taking pictures of everything!
very voluminous: 1/4 c oats, 2 pluots, 1 plum, bloobs, cinnamon, 3/4 cup yogurt. Wow. i am STUFFED. =?

now it's time to chill. oops, i just found an email that i messed up my time sheet. WHOOPS.
AFter the run i was so tired, tho, i didn't get much done in the gym:
3X10 full range situps
3X10 ball pikes
3X10 hip lifts
some dips.

here are some pictures. YES I KNOW I CAN"T FOCUS I AM LEARNING.
<---- this is the infamous cereal drink. very unfocused.

This is the cereal drink with some water and microwaved 1 minute. Chunky. I devoured it and burned my mouth. That mug says marymount on it- my high school.
Look delicious? probably not because it's so blurry. But i guarantee it was awesome. as usual.

Dinner is going to be out, since we're treating my sister (staying in dorms for the first night) to some food in Monterey Park. I'm still not comfortable eating out, so I might bring some tofu in a wrap. But don't worry, if it's awesome, I'll eat it. =D I'm trying....

I'll update this post with pictures for sure.

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