Saturday, August 29, 2009

L-l-l-l-lick me like a lollipop...or an ice cream cone, i'm melting fast

HAPPY SATURDAY! too bad i am burning up!

Eats at 4am: cereal drink.
That lasted me through a long treadmill walk incline style, biking (easy) and all the way to 9:15 am! yikes! I went out in the morn to get gas with mommy, exchange some boxed single milks, and get some other groceries.

Breakfast (i was HANGRY when i got back!)
hot soy juice, oats, 1/2 c? yogurt, 5 strawberries, plum, nectarine. HEAVEN in a bowl. Except my yogurt peed all over it. (it separated? so a bunch of water was floating around. no shit, i just drank it up like cows at trough.)

Then I watched Man V. Food. Does anyone else watch this show with a gross fascination that he's going to eat that massive amount of food or not? I dunno. it's crazy. He ate a humongous 8 scoop sundae. I puked watching him.

Lunch (unpictured, thrown together and schlepped out to Del Taco)
tofu burrito, broccoli and celery.

Then, like a million stores to shop at and return stuff at. I got a shirt! if you wanna see weird pictures of me in different clothes, just say the word. i just think you'l rear back in horror at my ugliness. =/

Then we ran to a couple of grocery stores to get essentials to fuel my sister up to go back to USC.

Home: we watched Chef vs. City. A GOOD SHOW i tell you. Aaron is cute and funny.


Egg omelette, stirfried tofu with celery, tortilla and soyjuice in microwave. =D

now to relax, post this, read blogs, and watch tv. life is good. LG.
Today was a rest day for running, but strength was:
5 times of
10 pushups
10 sit ups
10 wide pushups
10 reverse crunches
10 close pushups
10 double crunches.

love you, and hugs all around.


  1. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that you are burning up. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Sounds like you had some tasty eats with soyjuice--what is that? Is it kind of like soy milk?

  2. Yes, isn't it FREAKING BURNING HOT? Is SoCal always so freaking hot? ARRRGHHH!! And I don't even have air-conditioning in my room...

    Anyway, I'm SO disappointed you couldn't make our meet-up...but no fear, there WILL be another opportunity! :-)