Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rollin' wit the homies


Today was a hard to get up 4 am wakeup call....some days it's so easy...
Cereal drink:

Working the macro setting.

Then 60 minutes of dreadmill. Then 40 minutes easy bicycling with Women's Day and Pride and Prejudice. And day dreams.

Then....chill, sweat drying....put on garmin bf and heart rate monitor...
Pre run/gym snack:

And cinnamon ROLL LARA BAR! Warmed up after this picture. Try microwaving it! It's nice and hot...and soft..(yes, that's what i wrote.) (NOTE: do NOT microwave in wrapper. everything sparks and the wrapper is all busted up and burned. I stupidly did this.)

And a handful of grapes as i ran out the door.

Insert CFE hard core run:
2X12 minute intervals with 2 minute recovery in between.
My stats: 1st 12 min interval: 1.51 miles, 7:57/mile =D. 2nd: 1/48 8:03/mile. that's 2.99 (grr) miles in 24 minutes! =D

I was peeved I could have done better if :a) Random girl didn't grab at me to ask where some building was. uhhh get a map?
b) some jeep totally almost ran me over doing a right turn. #*%%@#(*@#.

Then lifting at the gym:
Walking lunges
21 pullups assisted, pushups, situps
walking lunges, 18 etc etc
walking lunges, 15 etc etc
Walking lunges, 12 etc etc, walking lunge, 9 etc, walking lunge, 6 etc.
I am rocking on the pushups and situps, but the pull ups get to me. Damn weak upper back. =(

Then I talked to my friend the texter, and he showed me pictures of his daughter...soo cute!=D

Then home to change into a nice puma shirt and nike guy shorts. its my weekend, i dress accordingly.


less than 1 big block of tofu (soft) with low sodium soy, soymilk, brussel sprouts micro-steamed, i need a steamer basket STAT, and a UNDER RIPE PEACH which i ate a couple of pieces, and then grabbed like 10 green grapes. What do you do with a cut up underripe peach? microwave it with cinnamon? HMMM.

Then i dicked around on google reader, studied....lunch was late....wanted to wait for my sister, but it was pointless to keep waiting if i was hangry!

Lunch: A SHITLOAD of soymilk, 5 brussel sprouts, beans in a wrap! (the celery is pictured, but i didn't feel like eating it.)

The famous BEAN BURRITO i talk about. On my favorite yellow plate- it's soo FISHER PRICE it's scary.

Inside shot!

beans are kidney beans.
Tell me what you think! =D

Be back hopefully with a dinner post!

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