Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay last day of camp!

So finally it's friday and my last day of camp! i can't tell you how relieved i am. All this stress the week leading up to this day made me hate it. SO SAD. But at least it was an okay day...

Same incline treadmill walk, 80 cal cereal drink. Finished, and then ate a pluot and some bites of yogurt.

Then hoofed it to work to clock in early, and then chatted with the building supes WHO I TOTALLY of breakfast or breakfast, episode 2 was some canned tuna and carrots. Snack later was the rest of the tuna. Me loves. LOVES. =D I happen to like canned tuna a lot. no need for mayo. it's just fine flaked out of the can.

Then came a yogurt mess whilst i chilled with some counselor buddies by the pool (swim day) Totally avoided my other co worker. On my last day, stay the fuck away from me or i'll kill you.

Yogurt mess was delicious...albeit marred by a child coming up and saying..GROSS. Whatever. Come talk to me in 15 years and you'll love cinnamon yogurt messes. So there! (thumbs nose)

Thennnn before you know it, camp is over! (well, my shift ended! HOORAY! i changed..said my goodbyes to uhh pm counselors (i'm am shift) like HULK lol.

OH! and today was an awesome day BECAUSE i chatted with seth for a long while! 13? minutes?
Apparently he goes: thanks for keeping me company.
I didnt hear him because he talks so softly sometimes. It was a great convo about working out, he notices that i resistance train too! and am not just always doing cardio! =D
He laughed and smiled a lot and made me laugh too! We talked about a coworker that seriously sweats a lot and kinda stinks, about people that are just pissing on weights, and about guys that grunt WAY too loud in the gym. He gladly talked about HIS plyo pushups...and it was awesome because he was like, what do you wanna do? What body part do you like the best? I kinda don't have a favorite, but i like working my abs...maybe legs? and back? i couldn't choose. he loves back. He whipped out his workout and i took a look, and he was like, yeah, i'll put you through a cool workout based on what you like best. i hope he really is cool with working out together! he's not on facebook (LAME!) but i was like i'll find you. LOL. We talked about how we're just going to workout for the rest of the summer, and just work other jobs. OMG we are sooo alike in so many weird ways. I think it's really cool that I finally could get him to open up about stuff. =D

The run at home was 20 reps of 10 seconds on 5 seconds off. Pre workout meal: 1/2 a packet of sunflower seed butter, sunbutter on a tortilla and a plum. Post workout refuel meal?? DUH! BEANS! and cauliflower aka fart central. Haven't farted yet. I love dem beans. Spicy goodness.

Then we got to go to costco! we got wild salmon, soymilk, water, romaine lettuce (my mom stirfries that suckah), tons of eggs (i eat a ton!), bloobs, and see's candies gift certificates.

WOW! I WON MISSY"S GIVEAWAY! CRAZY CRAZY! what a way to make my friday awesome (other than having fun chatting with seth!)

just had din din- stewed/braised drumsticks, toritlla, and broccoli and egg drop soup. with hot soymilk i burned my mouth on. but so delicious.

how was your friday?


  1. omg don't you hate it when people see your yoghurt messes and are like "ew, wtf is that?". im like "says the person eating the over processed mcdonalds hamburger" -_-

    dont costco trips just make your days?! dunno why...that place is so...magical *.* (also, stirfried romaine??? hmmm...must try)

    yayy for talks with the boy toys ;) hehe

  2. boy toys?! LOL NO WAY IZZY! is that what you think of the friend that sent lyrics? he just texted while i was sleeping (love the movie) about yo yo yo when we doing something? (uhhh. LOL) i like planning in person. you know? texting is sooo lame after my last experience with a guy and all we did was text and then meet. COSTCO TRIPS ARE on par with disneyland. yeah, you fry up some gahhhlic and throw chopped romaine in. wilt. eat.

    I know, that kid runs on Dr. Pepper, and gatorade, and had the nerve to say to other counselors eating cheetos that they were gross. Uh OKAY HIPPOCRITE. He LOVES pepperoni HOT POCKETS. EW!