Saturday, August 8, 2009


happy saturday peeps!

What's crackalackin?

Today was a 4 am wake up call! (As usual). Then 80 cals of food cereal drink (YUMMERS!) and then 62 minutes of incline walking. GOT MY SWEAT ON. Followed by some easy biking on a stationary bike 21 minutes..then 8X20:10 tabata hill sprints. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds on. Yowza. i need to do this on a treadmill now because outside i'm STILL too slow and not 5 k pace or 30 seconds slower than that. BLEH!

Breakfast involved: 1/3 cup oats cooked in microwave (i like them sludgey, anyone else?) plus 3/4 cup yogurt, 9 strawberries, shitload of bloobs, and a plum. Doused in cinnamon and hot soymilk to wash it down. That was at 7 AM. Yeah, that is A LOT of food. But I look back and say, well, I don't really know when my next meal is, so i gotta prepare. Then I jetted off to Valley College to help administer Team physicals. I was the eye exam chick. easy peasy working til 12 pm, when i took off to hang with my sister and mom. My boss/friend/mentor D sent me off with subway sandwiches and an apple? fritter. I saved those for my mom and sis. When i got home, I fixed myself a tofu pillow/sheet wrap and cauliflower. YUMMERS. I was going to make my famous bean burrito but cauliflower + beans = n testing if you know what i mean. Atomic. deathly.

Then i headed off to Northridge to go to TARGEAYYYY for some astringent for my snackface lol, and to go with mommy poo to get chinese food for her din din. We also stopped at the library so i picked up Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and Thrive diet. Interesting reads! I love reading. What are your favorite books?

Dinner might be a TJ's salmon patty, we'll see.

In other news, i'll expand on the friend? that texts song lyrics? weird shit like that. Here is his last text- i had to ask for major translations but my friends were stumped/laughed out loud.

"And you know this, a bara bistro my mello. So what ya gonna do. A cool P, its better for your head. A queen bee, I make you lose yo shyness. So, shake ya rump. "
Translations welcome.
Altho miss JULIE has her ideas =D

Tomorrow i'm hanging out with an old friend i havent seen in SO long. I"m kinda nervous. I get that way. oh wells.
Yay gymming it tomorrow. I miss lifting heavy weights, and talking to Seth made me miss the gym even more. I'm glad that we are sort of? buddies. I love meeting and making new friends.

I will be trying to find a good almond butter/pb in a couple of weeks- i can make it out to Trader Joes in that time. LOL. It'll be a special occasion. I might try some samples of Barney butter i got awhile ago before i make a decision.

One of my friends brought up an interesting point: he said, Jet, I know you eat clean like all the time, but why don't you ever indulge? it's not healthy!

Do you think he's right? I know i eat the same things, but what if i just don' t crave fried foods, desserts, etc? ALTHOUGH Sophia of Burp and Slurp thinks i have to start eating "out of the norm foods". Thoughts?

Thanks for reading this EXTRA long post, and a camera will soon be in my hands in a couple of weeks so i can start adding pictures of my food. Although today would have been very brown. LOL except for breakfast.

Question: did anyone ever read the little house books? did anyone else think laura was a bit spoiled?


  1. Sounds like an awesome Saturday! Nice job on the workout :)

  2. Oh, that's ok, I get that way too with friends I haven't met in a while. But you'll soon catch up! Probably will find out you have LOTs to talk about!
    And you already know what my thoughts are abt "out of the norm" foods. The thing is sometimes you don't know whether it really is because you DON'T crave it, or you're afraid of it. So why not test it out? And the other thing is that it is OF COURSE preferable that you eat healthy, but the thing is, is it CONTROLLING you? Do you plan out your meals, freak out when others offer you things to eat, or are scared of eating out and eating different things? If it is FEAR that is driving you, then you should reconsider challenging yourself more, so that when you eat healthy, it is not because you CAN'T eat other stuff, and you're not being controlled. Know what I mean?

    Good luck, my dear! And shoot me an email anytime you need to talk! :-)