Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Worry, Eat Curry

Yup, Curry was on the menu for tonight! YUMYUM! It was japanese style, and i ripped up a tortilla to dip in the sauce and get chicken tortilla and carrot in every delicious bite. Cauliflower on the side. And hot soymilk for my beverage. Yes, it's 90 F outside and i STILL heat up my soymilk. Yuppers, i'm interesting.

Random aside: my friend found my blog. Awkward?

Today was interesting. Pre workout was a cereal drink, a 1/2 a simply harvest bar, and...a GRAHAM cracker?! I saw it in the pantry, and was like, just try it. So i did. umm i liked it! not too bad! too bad it's got HFCS. Time to find a better version!

Eggwhites, broccoli, yogurt mess...IN THE much fun to eat. Me loves. Came home, did a short run of hill sprints. Fun times. Sweaty times. Refueled with a bowl of curried beans and an apple and pluot. delish.

Dinner was as previously notated.

Today i bought yogurt at Ralphs (1.88! nice!) (for the big tubs) and milk for my sister. I was examining peanut butter and mom was like JUST BUY IT! Then she was like, why not just eat almonds. Good point. But almonds dont spread well on a banana.

OH! So my friend at camp seriously makes a serious banana dog. He peels a banana, slathers it in pb, slathers a bun in pb, and sticks it in. Aka, banana dog!
but genius! =D

tomorrow is my rest day from running, and i get to train my client tomorrow. Time to plan what food to bring for my lunch? to eat there. Bleh! i hate planning but i have to plan just in case i get hungry!
i like eating at home. that's how lame i am LOL.
Today was some more drama, but only 2 more days!

OH! (too many ohs/gasps of happiness)
So that friend that texted those lyrics? Another girlfriend of mine says he was writing his own poetry? ANYWAYS, he asked if i wanted to do something this weekend, because he called me, so i called him back and he was like, let's hang out this weekend...we'll plan it. Is this a date or just a friend thing? I have NO IDEA
tomorrow is my hard core workout day (right izzy?!) i foresee more circuits and box jumps. pushups. weights. squats. =D

How was hump day for all y'all? did anyone catch the meteor shower? I don't know when it is.
So...curry question. What kind of curry do you all like? I am partial to the curry japanese style- made with those blocks you melt into water. I have never tried true indian curry con naaan.

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