Monday, August 3, 2009


So I get home, and while eating dinner, my mom goes, i bought cereal for an amazing price! Me: ohhh (thinking: yikes....) did you just buy cheerios? Mom: no i got 2 cheerios and one box of fiber one! me: Uhhh you can eat that. I don't eat cereal anymore. Mom: what? I GOT IT FOR YOU! YOU EAT it in the mornings right? with yogurt and fruit? Me: i've been eating oatmeal for the past couple of months. I only ate cereal before workouts.

Weird, i don't get it. She got real defensive. I have to stay strong! Help me out peeps!
I almost want to cave because i feel guilty that she bought it...but that is no excuse to eat cereal and then feel guilty afterwards! Also, I have wanted to do this GO LESS processed for the longest time! I think the most "processed" thing i eat now is a tortilla.

I love larabars. LOVE. I had a apple pie one for lunch/snack/food and it was delectable. AHHH.
Other eats included 4 pieces of tilapia, celery, 4 eggwhites, yogurt mess, cereal drinks, and soymilk, soup, bokchoy and salmon with 3 bones in it. YUM calcium bonus!

I got to do some lifting today! It was very exciting. Only a 30 minute but i felt good to be lifting more weights. Me loves.

Today was a draining day. Bleh! no naps = tray is very tired!
Time to relax with 245 google reader reads. =D
Personal training is going well= 2 clients! YAY!
so thinking about what hulk said last time, sunset workout or sunrise workout?
also: hot weather or cold weather?

Me: sunrise, and hot weather!

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