Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lead's atomic symbol BANANZA!


THANK YOU SO MUCH IZZY! (she sent me something good!)

1. Brag
HOLLAH AT YOUR GIRL! I GOT AN AWARD despite being a new greenstick blogger!
I love her description of me:
A great blog I’ve stumbled upon more recently. She’s someone who’s workout regime I envy like mad and if she deserves this award for anything, then it’s for giving up cereal!!!
I love the community of bloggers.

2. Bloggers:
Sophia- she emails me a lot and i love how she has gotten me to break out of my comfort zone! I love her recipes!

Kath: the first blog i ever read. she started it all, peeps. i'm making her oat pancake soon! she got me interested in pb!

Kailey: She has the funniest posts ever, and i love her cheetah fries. Plus hers was the first giveaway i ever won! I love how she thought my nickname tra was pronounced trah.

Sue: fellow tofu fiend. her blog is gorgeous and i read all the archives and i hope and aspire to blog like her!

No Meat Athlete: just found this blog, and it's amazing how one can accomplish so much and not have to eat meat! i love how he's an awesome runner, so inspiring since i HEART running and want to run a marathon!

Roboppy: I read this one blog before I read kath's. For a recovered anorexic still struggling with eating however and whatever I like, this blog is wonderful for me to see how true people eat and love food. her pictures and posts on what she eats and how she celebrates birthdays and etc food style are hilarious.

The Food Pornographer: she makes awesome curry. and she eats a ton of asian food. what's not to like? She has certain food she loves and I love how she waxes poetic on things like KFC and mickey d's big breakfast (rip). She lives in australia. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

3. 10 honest things:
1. I HATE saliva. I can't stand watching babies burp up or do spit bubbles.
2. I didn't get my first kiss/make out session until June 2009. YES THIS YEAR.
3. I wish I could be more like my twin and eat whatever the hell i wanted and still fit into tiny jeans.
4. I really want a motorcycle. BADLY.
5. Sometimes I wish I didn't recover- my body has changed so much.
6. Whenever I'm bored, I search for split ends. yes, split ends.
7. When I was slowly recovering I engaged in disordered behavior: chewing and spitting. Even now I do it sometimes when i'm stressed. It's gross and I have to stop.
8. It takes me so long to figure out what to eat because i'm calculating calories, fat, nutrients...
9. I wish I could just train and not worry about a job or school. (i.e. enroll in crossfit, run and train etc.)
10. I've turned down so many invitations for fear of eating something I can't control. i waver between being openly social, and a homebody. i'm afraid i'll never find true love. ever.

i was going to also put: i hate the pb cookie larabar. SORRY!

a hard core treadmill workout preceded by:

(i say hardcore BECAUSE MY ASS HURTS LIKE HELL. nothing else hurts, randomly. time to go at it harder. =) )
Pre run snack: that leftover peach microwaved with cinnamon. (burned my lip on that shit. (see tray spit the rhymez.) It was OKAY. i think it would have been better baked longer. HMM>)

was going to eat a banana bread lara bar for prep for 5 K, but I took stock of my limbs and legs (uhh yesterday after hard run, my knees burned hours afterward. running a hard 5 k would NOT be good. i'm transitioning into running high intensity only 3 times a week as prescribed by CFE and doing more CF exercises 4-6 times a week. we'll see.)

The pb de Trader Joe's was interesting. I guess coming from a sweetened PB loco jungle banana and going to something where the ingredient list is : PEANUTS is a tough transition, but I'll do it.
insert: 9 min tt. 1.15 miles, 7:57/mile. =D sometimes a short hard run > long arduous and slow run.
And it was made all the better with the pb banana burps i love so much.

tofu burrito!

and: hot soymilk, celery stalk, carrot, and a mealy plum. =D

Then came church. I got really hungry.


Lunch: canellini beans cooked TRAY style...pluot, 4 pieces of cantaloupe, celery (yes i eat the leaves) and brussel sprouts. And SOYMILK! =D


Then we went to U$C to drop my sister off, she starts school tomorrow =( I will miss her during the week!

Here's the dinner we had at Monterey Park to load her up with leftovers

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  1. congrats on the award! those are fun to get :)